Textbook information

    • Textbooks are assigned in August and due in December for Fall classes and issued in January and due in May for Spring classes. 
    • If the students textbook is not returned by the due date, an obligation will be placed in Skyward and the student will not be able to access their account until the book is returned or paid for. 
    • Classroom teachers decide if textbooks are checked out to individual students. 
    • Students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to write their name inside their textbooks as soon as they receive them.
    • Students are advised not to leave textbooks in teachers' classrooms. If they choose to do so, they will still be held responsible if the book is lost, damaged, or stolen. 
    • If the textbook needs to be paid for, please bring cash in exact change or write a check payable to MJHS and bring the payment to the library.
      • Currently, there is no way to pay for a textbook online.

    These books can be pricey...please keep up with them.  If you suspect a textbook has been lost or stolen, report it to Mrs. Holloway immediately.