Student Device Guide

  • Chromebook Care 

    Logging Into Your Device: 

    • Students will log into their Chromebook with their ClassLink username and password.
    • For offline access, you need to log in by clicking "sign in with a different account."

    Chromebook Care:  

    • Treat the device as your own.  You are responsible for the care of your device.
    • Do not eat or drink around your device.
    • Do not expose your device to moisture.
    • Clean with a microfiber cloth.

    Connect to Network at Home

    • Click on the bottom right.
    • Click on the WiFi icon
    • Choose your network and type in your password.

    Transporting Your Chromebook

    • Carry your Chromebook with both hands.
    • Transport the Chromebook in a personal backpack between classes and from school to home.
    • Bring your Chromebook to school charged each day.


    Need Help?

    • Let your teacher know if you are having issues with your Chomebook.
    • Submit a ticket to the Student/Parent Technology Help Desk located under the Technology Support section on the KIDS website.
    • Call the Wilson County Technology HelpDesk Line for students and parents at 615-547-7314 between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

    For a printable version, visit Student Device Guide.