• Anticipated Library Closures

    Testing season is upon us.  Because we have so many students and limited space, the library is often used as a testing location for extended time testing.  On these days, the library will be closed for lunch.  Check the library TV display and signs on the door for up-to-date closure information.  


  • Lunch at the library book graphic   

    Why should I do this? Library lunch is an opportunity to have lunch in a quiet space where you can read, catch up on homework, or talk quietly with friends.

    Who can do this?  Any student is welcome, but space is limited. 

    How do I do this?  Join the library lunch Google Classroom - use code wrsscj7. Then use the correct Google Form (found in Classwork tab) to sign up each day.  The forms open at 9 a.m. and we limit to the first 50 participants each lunch period. 

    Do I need to bring my own food?  A microwave is provided, but you'll need to bring your lunch and utensils from home.  Students are not allowed to purchase food in the cafeteria and bring it to the library.

    What else should I know?  If you choose to have lunch in the library, you need to report directly to the library at the start of your lunch period and stay the entire time.