• Open Enrollment Eligible Schools

    Parents who would like to request an Open Enrollment Transfer for their child for the 2024-2025 school year will be required to submit an online application, February 1 - March 2, 2024

    The following schools are eligible for Open Enrollment requests given the specific grade levels and spaces available:

    Elementary K-5:

    • Elzie D. Patton Elementary  

    • Lakeview Elementary    

    • W. A. Wright Elementary

    • Watertown Elementary         

    Elementary K-8:

    • Carroll-Oakland School

    • Southside School

    • Tuckers Crossroads School

    Middle School 6-8:

    • Gladeville Middle School

    • Mt. Juliet Middle School

    • Watertown Middle School

    High School 9-12:

    • Green Hill High School

    • Mt. Juliet High School

    • Watertown High School

    • Wilson Central High School

    Virtual School 6-12:

    • Barry Tatum Virtual Learning Academy

    Open Enrollment Requests & Submissions

    (We will begin taking open enrollment requests and submission on February 1, 2024.)

    To request an Open Enrollment, please complete one of the forms below and submit to Stan Moss by March 2, 2024.  Forms submitted after March 2, 2024 will be denied upon receipt.

    Requests are available to Wilson County residents only and employees that want a school outside of their feeder pattern:

    Open Enrollment Student Request Form 2024-2025

    Open Enrollment Request Form for Students of Employees 2024-2025

    Open Enrollment Transportation

    As always, in the event that a request is granted, bus service will not be provided.  Parents will be responsible for transporting their child to and from school each day.

    Open Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

    Applying for an Open Enrollment school

    If I was approved for a school transfer last year, will I need to reapply this year?

    You will not have to re-apply if you meet the following conditions:

      1. You continue to reside within the Wilson County Schools District.

      2. Your student has not changed schools.

    If my student changes schools because of grade promotion (Example: 5th grade at Mt. Juliet Elementary to 6th grade at Mt. Juliet Middle), will I have to complete an Open Enrollment form for my student to remain in the feeder school pattern?

    Yes, you will need to complete an Open Enrollment form.

    Where can I find the Open Enrollment form? 

    You will find the Open Enrollment form on the wcschools.com website starting February 1 through March 2 at 12:00 p.m.

    Will you take an Open Enrollment form after March 2nd?

    Only if there has been a change in residency within the school year or custody and/or guardianship of the student.  All other applications are denied if received after March 2nd.

    What happens if a school does not offer the class(es) that my student would like to take?   

    You will need to submit an Open Enrollment form to Mr. Moss during the Open Enrollment Period which is Feb. 1 - March 2nd at midnight.  If there is space available then your application will be accepted.  If more applicants apply than space available, then a lottery will be held to fill the available spaces. 

    Where can I find the School Board policy concerning open enrollment?

    School Board Policy 6.206 governs the zone exemption process and procedures.

    What happens if there are more applicants for a grade level than spaces available?

    A lottery will be held that is open to the public.  The date and time has not been set at this time.

    Open Enrollment Approval

    Will I have to provide transportation if my Open Enrollment application is approved?

    YES. If you are unable to provide transportation, your application will be denied.

    Can a parent that helps coach with a school apply for an Open Enrollment Request?

    The parent must receive a district-funded stipend for coaching duties and must show on the TSSAA/TMSAA portal as a coach while the student attends.  All TSSAA/TMSAA rules concerning transfers still apply.

    Can an Open Enrollment approval be revoked?

    Open Enrollment approvals are subject to review at any time by the Director of Schools and/or the school administrator(s), and are subject to revocation upon the recommendation of the principal(s) of the school.

    Open Enrollment Appeals

    If my Open Enrollment application is denied, how do I appeal to the Wilson County Schools Board of Education?

    The new law concerning Open Enrollment does not have an appeals process.  Please note that we only have space available based upon the number of teachers in the school and school capacity.

    Open Enrollment Questions

    All questions about Open Enrollment should be addressed to Stanley Moss or at 615-453-7281.