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Student Instructional Resources


Wilson County Schools strive to support digital learning by providing students with access to online textbooks and other digital resources.   As we move forward with the Connect2Learn classroom concept, it is vital for our students to have the digital resources needed for success.

These resources are available for students, school leaders and teachers to view available software, applications and other technology solutions that have been reviewed, approved, and supported by the district.  School leaders and teachers are encouraged to consult this directory whenever they are considering academic technology tools that include any student data to use within their schools and classrooms. 

Digital Resources & Tutorials

Technology Support for Students

Wilson County Schools wants to ensure all students, families, and district personnel have the needed support to maintain effective levels of learning.

WiFi Hotspots

Free WiFi access will be available in the parking lot of each school.

Connecting to WiFi at Home

For instructions on how to connect student devices to a home WiFi network, watch the Connecting to WiFi at Home tutorial.

Technology Help

Communicate device issues with your classroom teacher.

Technology  will only provide services for devices owned and distributed by Wilson County Schools. 

Device Exchanges

In the event a devices needs to be exchanged, the Technology staff will assist the Digital Learning School Team in setting site appointments to exchange devices.