Our Clubs

  • Lakeview Running Club

    Tammy Jones, Lead
    Students interested in running and conditioning meet twice a week (Mon/Thurs) until 3pm. Students have a brief warm up and then run for about 30 minutes around the school. The club participates in community races throughout the year. Available to students in grades 3-5. 


    Garden Club

    Kathy Tennant, Lead
    Lakeview, along with the Wilson County School Nutrition Department, offers an after school gardening class. Participants will attend classes throughout the spring and fall. There is no fee for this class. Class will meet as needed and dates will be determined by the team leader. Students and team members will prepare and eat the items grown in the gardens. Open to K-5 students. Each student must submit a short paragraph explaining why they would like to be selected for the Garden Club and attach to the application.


    School Newsletter Club

    Mrs. Horn/Mrs. Jones
    A club for students interested in producing a school newsletter Available to 5th grade students that are interested in writing for the newsletter - students interested in editing positions have to be recommended by a Reading/Language Arts teacher


    Yearbook Club

    Mrs. Koehn, Mrs. Mink, Mrs. Oglesby
    Students will assist with taking pictures at school events, having input on yearbook design, and assisting sponsoring teachers with creation of our school yearbook. Open to 4th/5th Graders who complete an applciation and receive a teacher recommendation. A total of 10 students will be selected by the sponsoring teachers based on applications. The club will meet 1-2 times per month on Wednesdays.


    Tech Club

    Mr. Whitman
    Students interested in learning coding meet twice a month (Wednesday) until 3:30 for  students in grades 3-5. Students in grades 1-2 will meet once a month on Wednesday until 3:00.