Our Clubs

  • Lakeview Running Club

    Molly Chlum, Lead
    Students interested in running and conditioning meet twice a week until 3pm. Students will have a brief warm-up and then run for about 30 minutes around the school. The club participates in community races throughout the year. Available to students in grades 3-5.  


    Art Club

    Patricia Marichal, Lead

    Art clubs are open to interested 4th and 5th grade students.  In the fall, there will be two art clubs available for 5th graders: painting and clay.  In the spring, there will be one art club for printmaking open to 5th graders.  There will also be a spring opportunity for interested 4th graders where they will be working with general art. 

    All art clubs will meet immediately after school with the pickup time of 3:30 p.m.  All art clubs will meet every other week. 

    The number of students will be limited due to the size of the classroom and the nature of the products, with a maximum of 12 students.


    Student Council/Lakeview Leaders

    Melissa Amadio, School Counselor, Lead

    This club will be available to 5th-grade students via an application process.  Students will help by leading other students, working on community projects, advising the principals, and serving as a kind example for others.  Meetings will take place during school hours.


    Green Club

     Brittany Koehn & Kathy White, Leads

    Grades 3-5 will be given the opportunity to apply for the Green Team.  The purpose of the Green Team is to lead Lakeview and our local community in becoming more sustainable.  Students will collaborate to find and implement solutions to reduce waste and increase recycling.  Efforts will also be made to keep Lakeview clean and to beautify our school campus regularly. 


    3rd Grade Reading Club

     Brittany Koehn & Ambert Short, Leads

    Third graders will have the opportunity to apply for and participate in a book study each month beginning in September.  Third Grade Book Club offers opportunities for students to read books independently at home and share in the discussion of the book with their peers and teachers.  Students are encouraged to push themselves and grow as readers and learners throughout each book study.


    4th Grade Reading Club

    Kathryn Horn & Molly Clum, Leads

    This club is open to 4th grade students that are interested.  Most of the work would be done at home with students reading the assigned reading selections.  The teacher leads and students would meet one time a  month, during the school day, to discuss the book.  The list of books will be included in the application letter.  A parent may opt their child out of any book selection.