Student Stories

  • "TVOLS has been wonderful for my daughter. She doesn't fit the mold of a traditional classroom and prefers having the flexibility of doing her schoolwork on her own schedule. She also suffers from stomach issues and anxiety and being able to work out of the home has reduced those pressures."
    "My husband and I love TVOLS! Our daughter has struggled over the years with school and was a C or D student. Because of TVOLS she is a A or B student because of the hard work she puts in and the help of great teachers at TVOLS. Her confidence in herself, her school work and being around friends have grown so much because of this great school!" ~ Allen and Mindy B.
    "We are so thankful our son was able to continue his education at TVOLS. Online school offered TJ a way to continue his education while healing. He has the opportunity to go onsite for one on one assistance if needed and it has been a great value to him. Not to sound overly dramatic, but the care and genuine concern for TJ's success has helped with his recovery and self confidence which was and is key to his academic success. We are proudly looking forward to graduating from TVOLS class of 2018!" ~Kay H.
    "My son was being bullied in his first year of Junior High and would be sick at school because he was so scared of the bully. He did not meet anyone last year and was so shy. After just one nine weeks at TVOLS he has made more friends and he is finally bringing his grades up and doing so good. He used to be an A/B Honor Roll student and soon will be again. Thank you TVOLS!"
    "I came to TVOLS because I have really bad anxiety. TVOLS has helped me tremendously because on the days I don't feel like I can physically get myself out of bed because I am so emotionally drained, I don't have to. I can do my school wherever I feel most comfortable and that also helps me to get better grades, not to mention we have the best teachers in the county. They are amazing and so kind and funny that it makes me enjoy coming into school when I have to." ~Kerigan G.