• Navigate to the Online School Payments website from any web browser http://osp.osmsinc.com/wilsontn


    • Select Gladeville Elementary from the top categories under Elementary.

    View of Website cursor selecting Gladeville Elementary


    • Select any Activities from the left-hand side that you wish to purchase by selecting the Activity Name. (Example: 2nd Grade Material Fees)


    • This will populate the teachers in that grade level. Select the teacher. Once you select the teacher you will see the screen below. The description is optional. However, adjust the dollar amount in the “Price” box to your class fee donation. Then proceed by selecting Add to Cart.

    Website screenshot of adding material fees to your cart


    • This will take you to the Shopping Cart You may either select the Continue Shopping button to add more items to your Shopping Cart (return to step 3) or press the Checkout button to complete the payment. Be aware that there is a Service Fee associated with making payments online.


    • This will then start the Check Out process. There are 4 steps, 1 step per page.


    • The 1st page is Step 1 of 4 – Assign Student Profile To Activity. For each individual line item, you will need to select a Student Profile to give them credit for that item. In this case we only selected one item, but if you have more than one student you could have multiple items in your cart. Select Student Profile, click on the down arrow to display your student names. Highlight the name to select and give them credit. Select the Next button when complete.


    • If your list of students is empty, select the Add Student Profile button to the top right.


    •  Add your student’s info, and then select the Save Changes button.  Please enter your Student ID Number . You can find your student’s ID Number on their Student ID card cafeteria card, or by accessing Skyward. Your student’s ID Number will start with 950xxxxxx


    • After you add them, you will be taken back to the page where you can select and assign the student profile as instructed in #7.


    • Next, on Step 2 of 4 – Address page, type in your billing information. If there’s any difference, be sure it’s billing, not home address. Select the Next button when finished.


    • On Step 3 of 4 – Review Order page, please make sure the order looks correct. Select the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions, and then select the Next


    • Finally, on Step 4 of 4 – Payment page, type in your credit card information and when ready select the Place Order button when finished.


    • Once the transaction is successfully completed, a Thank You message with the Order Number will display. A receipt is also sent to your email address and is always stored in your OSP account under the Your Account tab.