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    Counseling Department
    419 Wildcat Way
    Lebanon, TN 37090

    Phone: 615-453-4611
    Fax: 615-453-4612
    Hours: 8:15 am.-4:15 p.m.

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    (Note: Counselors/Grad Coach are only in office from 8:30-4:00.)

    Students may visit School Counselors before or after school or during lunch unless an emergency. Students may also complete a "Request to See Counselor" form before or after school so their counselor can call them up to the office at a later time.


  • Secretary

    Rachel Brooks
    Ext. 3010

    Registrar (Records & Transcripts)

    Angela Vastola
    Ext. 3017
    **Note: Minimum 48 hours notice on records, transcripts, and associated forms or letters.**

    School Counselors

    Nancy Dziduch
    All Grades Last Names A-Cra
    Ext. 3013

    Amy Grant
    All Grades Last Names Cre-He
    Ext. 3015

    Summer Milewski
    All Grades Last Names Hi-Me
    Ext. 3014

    Lauren Fung
    All Grades Last Names Mi-Sho
    Ext. 3016

    All Grades Last Names Shr-Z
    Ext. 3012


    STARS Counselor

    Haley Whetstone
    Ext. 3102

    The STARS Counselor is provided through STARS Nashville to serve as extra support to students regarding personal issues, such as grief or friend conflicts. The STARS counselor is not a licensed therapist but a support person. School counselors, parents, or students themselves may refer students to the STARS counselor. The STARS counselor is on campus Monday through Thursday, and her office is located in the library. 

    Graduation Coach

    Jeff Bryan
    Ext. 3182

    The graduation coach provides services to students at any grade level who are facing obstacles to graduating on time. His office is located in front of the library.

Counseling Announcements



    Dear Class of 2019 Parents and Guardians,

    At Wilson County Schools and Wilson Central High School, we’re committed to meeting the needs of all our students and setting your children up for success — both in the classroom and in their lives long after graduation.

    That means continually evaluating what we do well and where we can improve. Who is in a better position to provide feedback about a Wilson County education than our students?

    It’s in that spirit that we’re asking all graduating seniors to take our first Senior Exit Survey. They’ll have the chance to share their future plans, reflect on their education, and tell us how prepared they feel for life after graduation. This survey is different from the Google survey the Wilson Central High School counseling office asked seniors to do.

    The survey will be open between May 10 and May 22. Seniors will need their student LUNCH number to take the survey online, but all responses are completely confidential. 

     We’ve partnered with independent research and communications firm K12 Insight to administer the survey and compile the results. K12 Insight’s final reports will include only the overall results, not individual responses or comments. No one at the district will be able to connect a student to his or her answers. 

    The link to the survey is https://survey.k12insight.com/p/WCSSeniors2019 . If you have any questions about this survey, please contact your child’s school counselor.  Thank you for being a part of the Wilson County family, and congratulations on your child’s upcoming graduation!

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    This year the counseling department is going to gather informaiton about seniors after high school plans, final transcript and scholarships through a Google form. Students must be signed into their school Google account to complete. The form can only be submitted ONE time. You will need information about the scholarships you have been offered (amount and college/organization) when completing the form.

    The deadline to complete the form is Friday, May 3.

    DIRECTIONS: Please complete this form to give the counseling office and district information about your after high school plans, scholarships awarded, and final transcript destination. We will not announce your personal scholarship totals.

    FINAL TRANSCRIPT: Wilson Central will send ONE final transcript to the college where you have been accepted and plan to attend for free. Your final transcript contains your final course grades, ACT/SAT scores, and proof of graduation. College/technical schools must receive a final transcript even if you sent a transcript earlier in the year. After you graduate from Wilson Central, you are considered alumni, and so transcripts will cost $2.00 per transcript to send. The link for former students to request transcripts is on our website.

    IMMUNIZATION RECORDS: If we have your immunization records on file, you will receive a copy with your diploma at graduation. You the student are responsible for sending your immunization records to your college or technical school if they require them. We do not send them with your final transcript.

    COLLEGE ATHLETES: If you registered on the NCAA and/or NAIA Eligibility Centers, WCHS will send your final transcript after graduation based on the list those organizations send to us. You do not need to indicate these organizations on your transcript request.

    AWARDS DAY: This year we are combining the underclassmen department awards with some of the senior awards. The Awards Day will be Monday, May 20 at 2pm in the WCHS Auditorium. Only students who will honored and their parents will be invited to attend. Senior awards that will be announced are the following: department awards, attendance awards, ACT 30+, local scholarships from community organizations, ROTC scholarships, Military Academy appointments, and military enlistment.

    MILITARY ENLISTMENT: Those of you who have enlisted in the military (signed all the paperwork) will be honored at Awards Day on May 20 at 2pm. Please plan to attend.


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    Some of the juniors have started receiving their ACT scores from the state test they took at WCHS on April 2.  Students receive the scores in the mail before WCHS does.  We do not have the scores at this time.  If a student has previously taken the ACT, they may be able to see the scores through their ACT account. 

    Be patient. You will get your scores in the mail. ACT sends the scores out in batches with no rhyme or reason. If you tested with accommodations, your scores usually come a bit later.  

    If this was the first time you took the ACT, there will be a code on your results sheet that you will use to set up your ACT account. The ACT account is where you can view all your scores and register for national test dates (Saturday ACT).


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    1. For 2nd semester, we will not be passing out paper schedules. Students will have access to their schedules in Skyward a few days before we return to school. 
    2. Current 1st semester teachers do have access to show students their 2nd semester schedule. HOWEVER, the schedule could change because of some master schedule and staffing changes.
    3. S2 Schedule Change Request Form—Per district policy, only certain schedule changes are approved.  Please read the "May I Change My Schedule?" sheet for details.  
    4. We are using paper schedule change forms for 2nd semester.  Students will be able to pick up schedule change forms outside the guidance office starting at lunch on Tuesday, December 18. The form must be signed by the grade level principal; however, this doesn’t guarantee a change.   
    5. Change forms must be submitted to guidance by Friday, January 11 to be considered for a change . 
    6. The guidance office will not show or print out students 2nd semester schedule this week so they can determine if they need a form. The students submitting changes this week should already know what they want to change (ex. Level of a class from AP to honors or will need to repeat a class because failed this semester).



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  • STARS Small Group Counseling

    Our STARS counselor Ms. Whetstone will be starting three different small groups when we return from fall break.  Each group is limited to 8 members and will meet for the 1st 40 minutes of lunch.  If you are interested in one of the groups, please see Ms. Whetstone (office in library) or your school counselor. So that more students can be served through group counseling, students may only choose one group.  Ms. Whetstone may repeat certain groups each nine weeks.


    Group Descriptions

    Anxiety and Stress Group: Every Tuesday during lunch. Begins October 23rd. 

    Relationships and Communication Group: Every Wednesday during lunch. Begins October 24th. . This group is not specifically for dating relationships. The group will teach skills, such as, active listening, assertive communication, and maintaining boundaries. 

    Drug and Alcohol Group: Every Thursday during lunch. Begins October 25th.  This group will function out of the curriculum Teen Intervene which is for students who have past or present drug/alcohol issues and need tools to stay drug/alcohol free.

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    Seniors, DO NOT MISS this FREE opportunity to help prepare you for the ACT Retake. Mr. Nash, Mr. Lewis and Ms. Harris are hosting an ACT Bootcamp after school from 3:45pm-4:30pm October 22-24.. Please sign-up at the link below for EACH session that you are planning to attend! You will need to be logged in to your google account.  If you signed up previously for the September date, you will need to sign up again.

     ACT Bootcamp Registration Link

    ACT   Bootcamp Schedule

    Tuesday           English with Ms. Harris in Room S104

    Wednesday      Science with Mr. Lewis in Room W203

    Thursday         Math with Mr. Nash in Room S211



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    Senior Salutes are now available to purchase for your Senior!  Deadline to purchase these is November 15th.  Due to a spring delivery, we are NOT able to take any after this date.

    How to Order:

    1. Visit the Balfour WCHS Website
    2. Click on “Yearbooks”
    3. Choose your size and click on that spot.
    4. You create your ad for your child.


    This year, you create your own ad and pay for it online.  The school doesn’t take money or create them.


    If you would like to schedule an appointment to come in and work with a staff member on your ad,  please contact Mrs. Johnson at johnsonJL@wcschools.com or call 615-453-4600 ext:3046. 



    Yearbook Staff


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  • ASVAB Sign Up (11th-12th)

    The ASVAB is a career aptitude test used for entry into the military or to see what careers might be suited to your talents.  The test is free and will be given on November 1st here at school.  Sign up at this link while logged into your school Google account:  ASVAB Sign Up


    Once you have registered, please come by guidance during lunch to pick up a study guide/information booklet.

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  • Governor's School Interest Meeting

    2019 Governors School applications are now available. This summer academic program is for 10th and 11th Grades. The schools available are Arts, Agricultural Sciences, Computational PHysics, Emerging Technology, Humanities, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, International Studies, Prospective Teachers, Sciencs & Engineering, Scientific Exploration, and Integration of Biological and Statistical Sciences. 


    Governor's School for the Arts applications are due to your counselor by November 1st.  All other applications are due to your counselor by November 16th. There are lengthy sections the counselors have to complete before sending your applicaiton.

    There will be an information session Sept. 27 during lunch in the auditorium.  Applications at this link:   https://www.tn.gov/education/instruction/tdoe-governors-schools.html

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  • PSAT Registration and Information

    Sophomores and Juniors may register for the PSAT test through August 17. This test is optional, and we encourage high achieving students to register for the test.  The PSAT is a practice test for the SAT another college admissiosn test. If students score high enough, they may quailfy for certain scholarships including the National Merit Scholarship if they take the PSAT junior year.  The test will be given Wednesday, October 24.  There will be a pre-bubble session a few days before the test.  The cost is $16.  Students need to pay online for PSAT, record their receipt number, and then complete the Google registration form. The receipt number must be entered to register.


    For more information about the PSAT visit the College Board website.  

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  • 2018-2019 SCHEDULES

    If parents/guardians completed the Skyward Family Access updates and uploaded their proofs of residency, TENTATIVE schedules will be available for viewing in Skyward Family/Student Access by Monday, July 23.    Schedules are NOT final at this point.  We are still hiring new staff, balancing classes (ex. Skyward may have auto scheduled all core classes in same semester), checking to make sure students are in correct classes to be on track to graduate, and other scheduling tasks.  If you have a concern about your child’s schedule, please wait until Monday, July 30 to look at the schedule again to see if the issue has been resolved.  If not, students will have a chance starting August 1st to submit a schedule change request through their school Google account. The schedule change form is going to be electronic this year.  We will only process schedule changes through this form—no emails, faxes, or phone calls.  Starting July 30, students should print their schedule or screen shot it for use at school.  We do not distribute paper schedules on the first day of school.


    The schedule change form is going to be electronic this year, and students must be logged into their wilsonk12tn Google account to complete the form.  A link to the form will be on the front page of the Wilson Central High School website.  We will only process schedule changes through this form—no emails, faxes, or phone calls.  The deadline to submit a schedule change request is August 10th.    If your student submits a schedule change once school starts, please allow a few days for counselors to process those requests. Students should still attend and do work in the classes on their schedule.  Submitting a schedule change request is not a guarantee that a schedule will be changed.  There are only certain reasons per district policy that a schedule can be changed (ex. Not a full schedule, missing a class you failed or need to graduate, two courses scheduled same block, course level change).   See 2018-2019 Course Catalog for details about the district schedule change policy.  We cannot honor requests for certain teachers or class periods.

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