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    Welcome to Southside's Library!

    "To dream of afar, to chase a star, to believe in Captain Hook. To dance with bears and have no cares, this is the magic of a book."

    -H. L. Stephens


Picture of Tara Christian
  • My name is Tara Christian, and I am excited to be Southside's Library and Information Specialist after being in the classroom for 22 years! I look forward to working with our students, faculty, and parents to foster a love of books and reading, promote smart, safe research skills, and encourage creativity related to reading. I hope students want to visit our library to read, study, learn, and be creative.  

Picture of Mrs. Barbara
  • Mrs. Barbara Daugherty has been an educational assistant in the Southside Library for 25 years and is a wealth of knowledge.  She'll be glad to help you if you need it!