• MAP Academy


  • Barry Tatum Academy serves as the alternative learning program for students in grades 6-12 and the online school program, Tennessee Virtual On-line School (TVOLS) in Wilson County. We have two separate buildings both located on Stumpy Lane. Building A serves as the alternative high school and main offices for our administration, and Building B serves as the alternative middle school and TVOLS section.


    Alternative School

    Formally known as M.A.P. Academy, Barry Tatum Academy was established in 1998. Students are sent to the alternative school with a certain number of points determined by the SDHA. Once students arrive, they will be enrolled in Barry Tatum Academy, and upon completion of the program by earning all of their points, they will be reenrolled in their regularly zoned school. While students are at Barry Tatum Academy, they are expected to follow the guidelines of the intake packet and earn their points each day. 


    More details coming soon!