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Our Mission

  • To engage students by enhancing learning through a variety of virtual and live experiences to support the whole child, personalizing learning for students and preparing them to be valued contributors in a global society.

Our Vision

    • Employ the new curriculum standards and best practices for online instruction and learning, providing quality and rigor for the 21st century learner.
    • Build authentic learning experiences that support students’ lifelong learning.
    • Empower all students to achieve new altitudes and increase confidence.
    • Meet the needs of a diverse student population who cannot or do not attend a traditional public school, offering an option for a quality public education program using the virtual school medium.

TVOLS Advantages

  • You, as a TVOLS student, remain a full time student of the Wilson County School District.
    You, as a TVOLS student, have opportunities to improve your technical, communication, time management, and organizational skills in a manner that students only taking traditional courses do not.
    You, as a TVOLS student, can create your own schedule as you have access to your courses 24/7. By signing in daily and completing all assigned work you are in control of your own schedule. While students in a virtual setting may be required to sign in at specific times, YOU decide when, where and what course you will work on each day.
    You, as a TVOLS student, have an opportunity to become better prepared for online courses you may take in the future as a college student or employee. Students taking TVOLS courses in high school enter college with experience in online learning, therefore having an advantage over students who do not.
    You, as a TVOLS student, can earn AP (Advanced Placement) and Dual Enrollment credits.
    You, as a TVOLS student, still have state assessments arranged for you and facilitated by the Wilson County School District. You will just need to make arrangements for transportation to the testing facility on designated testing days for either state assessments or online course final exams. This is typically less than ten days per year.
    You, as a TVOLS student, can take online courses in an NCAA-approved and AdvancEd Accredited school.
    You, as a TVOLS student, get to work with teachers face-to-face on a weekly basis at our Wednesday Work Sessions. You will get to know your teachers personally in a comfortable, on-site learning environment.

Online School Expectations

    • The student will begin your enrollment with TVOLS by attending a Student and Parent Orientation on campus.
    • The student will complete daily assignments by midnight the day they are due.
    • The student will come in every Wednesday unless exempt and notified by TVOLS faculty.
    • The students will be on campus for all State and District testing as scheduled by the school.
    • The student will spend an estimated 6 hours per day doing school work to complete daily lessons.
    • The student will take all final exams on campus unless they meet the final exam exemption policy set by the Board of Education.

TVOLS Frequently Asked Questions