• Wilson Central High School

Our Mission

  • The mission of Wilson Central High School is to prepare students to become successful and productive citizens by providing educational opportunities and experiences in a venue Where Challenge Heightens Success.

Our Vision

  • We challenge ALL who enter these doors to strive successfully to meet the mission and beliefs of WCHS.

Our Belief


    Partners in Learning
    Real World Training
    Inspire Through Example
    Driven by Values
    Excellence is Created

Alma Mater

  • Let them see across the sky 
    That our banner rises high. 
    Proudly over the hill and vale, 
    May your strength, it never fail. 
    May your knowledge serve us well 
    And of excellence to tell. 
    Oh all together, raise the song 
    Of victory to sing. 
    Oh hail to thee our Alma Mater, 
    Central's praises ring!

    The WCHS is an original composition by Alum David Gal-Chis