WA Wright Library

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    Library Hours

    Monday - Friday 7:00am - 2:30pm

    This schedule may be changed due to club meetings and teacher duty schedules. 

    Faculty and students are welcome throughout the day, but classes also meet throughout the day.

Library Policies

  • In order to keep the books accessible to all students, yet help them read appropriate material, the following policies apply at W.A. Wright Elementary School library:

    1. Students in K may check out 1 book per class, after they have been taught how to take care of the books. First grade students will be allowed to check out 1 book until Winter Break and then 2 books after that. Students in 2nd grade may check out a maximum of 2 books at a time. Students in 3rd-5th grade may check out up to 3 books each time they visit the library.
    2. The loan period is 1 week.
    3. Students will be encouraged to return books in a timely fashion, but no fines will be calculated for overdue books.
    4. Students are responsible for paying for lost or severely damaged books. Molded books will be considered severely damaged and must be paid for.
    5. A student may renew a book 1 time, if there is not a wait-list for that book. If there is a wait-list, they must return the book but can be added to the bottom of the wait-list.
    6. All books the are due must be brought back in order for the student to check out any other books.
    7. Books will be quarantined for at least 72 hours before being reshelved.


Library Clerk