General Information

  • Scholarships that come through the counseling office will be listed on this website and announced via Remind text alerts and Mr. Mayfield's Community Update Emails. If students don't have access to the internet at home, they have time during lunch to check the website on the library computers. 
    Give counselors at least two weeks to complete any recommendation letters you need whether on paper or online.  Complete a Letter of Recommendation Request Form  and attach a copy of your resume to help the teacher or counselor write your recommendation.  A digital Letter of Recommendation Request Form can be found here.  Counselors and teachers do not work during fall, winter and spring break so be sure to plan accordingly if something is due over a break.  Write a thank you note.  ONLINE RECOMMENDATIONS:  Because of our spam filter, most college and organization online recommendation requests do not go to our regular email but into our spam folder.  Make teachers/counselors aware to look to in his/her spam folder if they will be sent a recommendation for you through email.
    If you need a transcript for your application, complete the TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM-CURRENT STUDENTS. You must be signed into your school google account to complete the form.  There is a two day turnaround on filling these requests.  The registrar  Mrs. Vastola is who takes care of transcript requests unless they are for the Common Application or SendU applications.

Federal and State Money for College

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

    This government website is where seniors must go after October 1st of senior year to complete the FAFSA. The FAFSA is the application for federal and student aid to help with post-secondary education expenses.  Students must complete the FAFSA as part of the TN Promise process and to receive any TN Lottery Scholarships like the HOPE scholarship.  For students entering college in Fall 2019, they would complete the 2019-2020 FAFSA. You should never pay to complete the FAFSA.  The process is FREE.  Make sure you use the government website.


    Academic Common Market

    The Academic Common Market offers in-state tuition to some out of state colleges if the major you want to student is not offered at any college in the state where you live. Some stipulations do apply.


    Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC)

    TSAC provides state financial aid and several lottery scholarships including the HOPE scholarship to students to help them pay for post-secondary education in Tennessee.


    Federal Student Aid

    This government website provides information about the types of federal financial aid--grants, loans, and work study--that students may qualify for based on financial need in order to help pay for post-secondary education.  The process to obtain this money is also covered.


    Tennessee Promise

    Tennessee Promise is a last dollar scholarship for TN Community Colleges, TN Colleges of Applied Technology (TCAT), and select two year degrees at four year universities.  Students must apply by November 1st of their senior year and complete other tasks by certain deadlines to remain eligible.