• Parents/Guardians,

     As Principal of West Wilson Middle School, one of my primary goals is to ensure your student benefits from all of the energy put forth from the faculty, staff, and community. Consequently, I would like to approach the fundraising process in a different manner this school year.

     Traditional fundraising campaigns can be burdensome not only to the school but also to parents. Additionally, by the time your student enters West Wilson it is likely you have been requisitioned to participate in 10 or more funding drives. I want to lessen the input from your end while maintaining the output for the students. Fundraising partnerships play a huge part in what we are able to do at the school level, however with these partnerships comes the fact that not all of your money makes it to the school level. If we are to sell items/catalogs/etc. the partner organization gets a percentage of the proceeds.

     For this reason, I am setting up an online account and asking you to donate directly to the school. I believe we can raise the same amount, if not more, by being transparent. The fact of the matter is we need you to donate and we want to put every dime toward your child’s education. Please use the link below to access the school donation page. It would be wonderful if you could share it with family members, business owners, and even on your social media accounts!