SEEK Overview

  • Students Exploring and Expanding Knowledge

    SEEK is Wilson County School's gifted/academically advanced program that serves grades 2-8.

    • Grades 2-5 receive services for approximately 120 minutes each week.
    • Middle school SEEK classes meet an average of 150 minutes per week. Meeting times may vary among schools.
    • During SEEK class, SEEK instructors teach using grade level standards and national gifted standards, using research-based curriculum that is written specifically for students who are gifted and/or talented. Visit Wilson County Schools' Gifted Frameworks based on the National Association for Gifted Children standards.


    Students in grades 1-7 are screened using STAR 360 data each spring. Students scoring in the top 10% will be tested for SEEK using the CogAT during April- May. Parents will be notified by email if their child qualifies to be tested. Parents have the right to refuse testing for the program.  Students that meet the requirements will receive SEEK services beginning in the fall.


    Wilson County requires for the student's parent/guardian to obtain official documentation stating his/her student was enrolled in a gifted/talented program in his/her previous school and submit the documentation to the school office. Indicate for the information to be given to the SEEK teacher.  These forms are not always in a student's permanent records.  Once the SEEK teacher has official documentation, transfer students may be enrolled in the SEEK program if they meet the district guidelines.


    Do students receive a grade for SEEK? SEEK is not a graded class. If SEEK shows up on a progress report or report card, there will be no grade listed.
    Are SEEK students tested each year? No. Once a student is placed in SEEK, he/she remains in SEEK.


    National Association for Gifted Children

    Tennessee Association for the Gifted


    Tennessee Association for the Gifted Summer Programs

SEEK Faculty

  • For more information about the SEEK program in an individual school, please contact the SEEK teacher for more information.

    Kelly Maxwel - Southside School & West Elementary School

    Rachal Miller - Rutland Elementary School

    Cheryle Scudder - West Wilson Middle School

    Jennifer Davis - Mt. Juliet Middle School

    Amy Wilken - Gladeville Middle School 

    Carol Ferrell - Watertown Elementary School and Watertown Middle School

    Cathey Roberts - Mt. Juliet Elementary School and  Stoner Creek  Elementary School

    Lori Lamkin - Lakeview Elementary School and W.A. Wright Elementary School

    Tara Mitchell - Tucker's Crossroads School  and Elzie Patton Elementary School

    Stephanie Porter - Carroll-Oakland School

    April Walz - Gladeville Elementary School and Springdale Elementary School