School Counselor Overview

Counseling Services

  • Individual Counseling

    Individual counseling in the school setting is short-term and solution-focused. The goal of school-based individual counseling is to identify and overcome any barriers to learning a student may be facing. I meet with students to discuss problems or concerns on a one-to-one basis in my office. Counseling in a school setting can be very beneficial, but is not a replacement for outpatient therapy. We have listed names of some local therapists under the "mental health resources" page on the main school counseling website if you are interested in pursuing outside counseling for your student.  

    To initiate an individual counseling session, students can leave me a note in my secure mailbox in the counseling office area or submit a request using my Google form. Teachers and parents may email/call me to set up a meeting with their student.


    Confidentiality is central to my role as a counselor. My policy is not to share with anyone what a student tells me in private, except in these cases:

    • when the student has given me permission.
    • when the student shares with me that they are considering actions that would harm them or another person.
    • when the student shares with me that they may have been abused or neglected.

    Group Counseling

    I offer small group counseling throughout the school year. These groups vary in topic and grade level based on referrals from teachers and parents, but the goal is always to help students who share a common concern or need. Possible group topics include divorce, grief, friendship, communication skills/anger management, and girl's groups. Groups meet for 6-8 sessions and every effort is made to schedule them at a time when the students miss as little class time as possible.  

    Students who are referred for group must have a signed permission slip in order to participate. If you feel like your child would benefit from this type of counseling, please contact me at

    Counseling Lessons

    I attempt to go into each classroom every month to teach whole group lessons on a variety of topics. Some examples of areas I typically cover during my classroom lessons include bullying prevention, test anxiety, study skills/organization, friendship, etc. Also, teachers and students can recommend topics of interest or concern.