School Profile


    SCHOOL PROFILE 2019-20



                    Principal:   Mrs. Leigh Anne Rainey

                    Grades: 9th-12th

                    Control:  Tennessee

                    Enrollment (Fall 2018): Total-2240

                                    9th: 598   10th: 560    11th: 532    12th: 550

                    Student/Counselor Ratio: 373

                    CEEB/ACT Code Number: 431-600

                    Professional Memberships: College Board, TSSAA

                    School Calendar:  178 days, divided into 2 semesters

                    Schedule: 8:30-3:30, divided into 4, 90 minute classes



    Mount Juliet High School, built in its current location in 2006, established in 1854, is located in Wilson County, Mount Juliet, Tennessee.  This is currently one of the fastest growing areas of the state, located just east of the state capital, Nashville.



                    Associates Degree: 3

    Bachelor’s Degree: 57

                    Masters Degree: 65

                    Educational Specialist: 7

                    Doctorate: 1



                    A = 93-100

                    B = 85-92

                    C = 75-84

                    D = 70-74

                    F = Below 70

                    Honors/Pre-AP Courses:  3 points added to all scores of 70 or above

                    AP Courses: 5 points are added to all scores of 70 or above



    Mount Juliet High School currently offers 27 AP courses.  For the 17/18 School year, 748 students were enrolled in AP courses and 1116 AP Exams were administered.  Current AP Courses offered are: English Language, English Literature, US History, European History, Human Geography, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, US Government, AP Psychology, World History, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics I, Physics II, Environmental Science, Art History, Studio Art: 2-D, Studio Art: 3-D, Studio Drawing, Music Theory, French Language, German Language, Spanish Language, Computer Science Principles.  



    MJHS offers Pre-AP or Honors level courses in almost all subject areas and disciplines.  



    Mount Juliet High School has partnered with both Vol State University and Cumberland University to offer the following courses for dual enrollment (both collegiate and high school credits):  



                    English        4

                    Math           4

                    Science        3

                    Social Studies      4

                    Wellness/PE         2

                    Fine Art               1

                    Foreign Lang.       2 (two credits must be in the same language)

                    Personal Finance   1

                    Elective Focus*    3

                    Elective               2


    Total of 26 credits are required for graduation from MJHS.

     *Elective Focus- a focused plan of study comprised of three credits. These credits must be earned in one of the following programs of study: Math/Science, Humanities/Fine Arts, Career and Technical Education (CTE), JROTC**, Advanced Placement.

    **In order to receive an elective focus completion in JROTC, students must complete 4 credits of JROTC.   


                    For the 2018/19 school year:

    • 65 AP Scholars, 14 with Honors and 25 with Distinction.
    • 5 National AP Scholars
    • 5 National Merit Finalists
    • 140 TN Scholars and 377 TN HOPE Scholarship Recipients
    • Class of 2019 earned over $19,424,959.00 Million in Scholarship money



    Football;  Semi-finals 1997, 2011 (13-1) and 2012, 4 TSSAA Mr. Football runner-up

    Girls Basketball;  State Champs 1977,1983 and 2005,  1 TSSAA Miss Basketball 2005 and 2 TSSAA Miss Basketball runners-up

    Boys Basketball;  State Qualifier 2018

    Baseball; State Runners-up 1983 and 2011

    Softball; State Champs  1986,  3 State runner-up

    Boys Track;  Several individual State Champs

    Girls Track, Boys XC, Girls XC;  Multiple State Qualifiers

    Volleyball:  Multiple Sub-State qualifiers

    Golf; Multiple State qualifiers

    Girls Bowling; State Champions 2002 and 2003

    Boys Bowling; State Runner-up 2003            

    Wrestling; Multiple Individual State Champions.

    Tennis; Multiple State qualifiers.

    Boys Soccer; Multiple Sub-State qualifiers

    Girls Soccer;  Multiple Regional qualifiers