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  • Will there be any rezoning of the elementary schools?

    There will not be any rezoning of the elementary schools until new elementary schools are built or there is a decline in enrollment at one school and other schools are overcrowded.

    What is the plan for adding buses?

    We continually add bus routes for growth.   Under the zoning plans that have been presented at our community meetings, we will not need more buses.

    Wilson Central High School will be the oldest high school in the county with all others getting newest bells and whistles.   Will Wilson Central get upgrades in facilities, technology, etc.?

    We have several renovations/upgrades proposed for Wilson Central High School in our new capital outlay plan.  Technology related upgrades are included in our proposed Digital Conversion Plan not only for Wilson Central High School but all schools within our district.

    What elected officials will be deciding if the new high school will be funded?

    The County Commissioners of the county.   There are 25 elected commissioners.   A listing of county commissioners is on our web page for the new high school information or on Wilson County TN Government’s web site.

    Parent Comment

    As parents of a West Wilson Middle School student who live west of 109, and north of HWY 70 and 1.2 miles east of Benders Ferry, we hope the proposed new high school zones are approved.   As a MJ and Wilson County native with most relatives being MJHS grads, it is my desire and hope my son attends MJHS.  Not to mention the distance to MJHS is 5 miles from home versus 12 miles for WCHS.  Please move forward with the new “Green Hills” HS and the proposed new zones.

    Will more counselors be hired to help with all the students coming in?

    We evaluate staffing needs every year and work with administrators to staff their schools.   New positions are dependent on funding of our operational budget.

    Will concentration on a new high school have a detrimental effect on the maintenance and upkeep of the current high schools in the county?

    While this is our top priority for a new school to deal with growth, it will not have a detrimental effect on other high schools.   We are constantly working to maintain all of our facilities.   The board approved a new capital outlay plan for all of our schools in February, and it will be presented to the County Commission in April for their consideration.

    Why do you not have a team of people who enforce the residency issue?   Those who rent out property in Wilson County to attend schools but live in other counties.

    We do not have the staff that takes care of residency issues and we have asked families to leave our district if they are not a resident of the county.   If they rent a property and have a contract to live at that address in our county they meet the residency requirements to attend our schools.

    If you know or anticipate more growth in Wilson County, why would you not propose a larger and bigger high school?

    We do not want high schools larger than 2,000 students.   Mega schools are extremely hard to manage as well as provide a safe environment for our students and staff to get their education.

    If you were to build the school anywhere in the county besides MJ, would it be $110,000,000?


    If a student went one year to MJMS, will he have to move to WWMS or be grandfathered in?

    Any student entering 8th grade at MJMS or WWMS in August 2019 would have the option to stay at either school, provided the parent provides transportation.

    Will Gladeville Middle School have a wrestling team?

    Gladeville Middle School should have the same extra- curricular activities and offerings available to their students as any other middle school.

    Do you consider future growth per housing developments in your projections?

    Yes, for the location of new schools.

    What is the date for the new high school zones to go into effect?

    If we begin construction in June or July 2018, the new zones would go into effect in July 1, 2020.

    How will North Greenhill Road be affected by the new high school?

    A new connector/extension of North Green Hill Road from Needmore to Benton Douglas will be complete by the fall.  This new extension will have a better functioning intersection to move traffic around the area on North Green Hill Road as well as Lebanon Road.   This new intersection for the school will provide a safer way to get on Lebanon Road.

    We ask that the current MJHS name and mascot be renamed and the new school be called MJHS and move the Golden Bears to that location.

    Changing the name and mascot would be a decision the board would have to consider, as well as possible input from the school community.  There have been no funds provided or requested to change a complete campus out and change everything involved with renaming a school.

    What is the Transportation Plan for rezoning?

    Any time we get a new school, our transportation staff work very hard to route our buses the best and most efficient way we can to get our students to school and back home in the safest way we can.

    Why don’t the middle school proposals take into account the K-8 schools?

    Our new capital outlay plan that was approved by the board does deal with the K-8 schools, but the Gladeville Middle School rezoning does not affect them at this time.

    Did you perform a traffic flow assessment for the proposed rezoning plan?

    Traffic flow studies are completed for new schools.   Our transportation staff was included to ensure we did not have any issues with our bus patterns for our new proposed zones.

    Why haven’t the high schools already been rezoned?

    Because the best option for our students is a new high school to deal with growth on the high school level and to limit the number of times we rezone our students and families.

    When all the new housing developments have been given permission to build, has the city or county included in the agreements a way for the builders to pay a fee to help cover the cost of building new schools?

    The county has a $3,000 impact fee per house built in our county that goes to debt service to help pay for schools.  There is another impact fee for commercial development but we do not know those amounts.

    When will the middle school and elementary school be built on Golden Bear Parkway?

    The elementary school is being proposed after we get the new high school funded and started.  We would like to have it open in 2021.   This is contingent of funding of the project by the County Commission.

    With growth in the county are more schools being projected over the next several years?

    Yes, the board has approved the new Green Hills High School project, a new elementary and middle school on Golden Bear Parkway, a new elementary school on Hwy 231 South, a new special needs school, a new elementary school (TBD), a new middle school (TBD), and a sixth new high school (TBD) under our new $780,000,000 capital outlay plan.

    Is there protocol for current teachers who might want to move to new schools?

    Yes, our HR department has those protocols already prepared and will notify current staff members who might want to consider a transfer to a new school, how to request a transfer, and how to make application for the new school.

    Is there a hot map of the current elementary students that will be in the middle schools when this change happens?

    We have not printed a map of elementary students but it is very similar to the middle and high school maps you see on our web site. 

    Who will be grandfathered in the high schools?

    Anyone who will be a senior when the new high school opens will have the opportunity to stay at their current school if they are able to provide their own transportation.

    What about sports teams for the high school?

    Eligibility for playing sports will not be affected by the new zones.