Re-Entry Plan Introduction

  • It is our goal at Lebanon High School, in this unique time, to offer a healthy and safe environment for students to be a part of while pursuing their academic goals and success. This is our comprehensive school re-entry plan that addresses the protocols and procedures we will follow as a school community to keep students safe and healthy.  The plan also addresses the high-quality teaching and learning that will take place in all scheduling scenarios, our communication plan to keep you informed as a parent and community member, and the access to technology that your child will have as an LHS student. We will adhere to all Wilson County Schools procedures and, in addition, will provide how we will meet those expectations at our school building specifically. I encourage you to reach out to me directly if you have further concerns or questions.  Please read this plan in its entirety.  As always, thank you for your support. 

    I hope that this plan helps to answer the questions you have about this school year.  We cannot foresee every element of every scenario, but we have tried to plan with as much forethought as possible. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 615-444-9610 or to email me directly at  Our goal is not only to provide a safe and healthy environment for your child but to also enrich their lives with quality instruction that will prepare them for successful futures. Teachers return to work on July 27th for a week of intensive training and preparation for the school year, and while the future is full of uncertainties, I have no doubt that the faculty and staff here at LHS are VERY EXCITED to get to work with the students again.  As always, thank you for your support and we’ll see you soon!

    Scott Walters, Ph.D.
    Principal, Lebanon High School

    Re-Entry Plan Videos

    LHS BDN - LHS Re-entry Videos 2020-21 1 of 3 - Bus Riders - YouTube

    LHS BDN - LHS Re-entry Videos 2020-21 2 of 3 - PARENT DROP-OFF - YouTube

    LHS BDN - LHS Re-entry Videos 2020-21 3 of 3 - Student Drivers - YouTube

Safe and Healthy Students

  • Pre-Entry Checks

    The following safety measures will be in place while WCS is utilizing the traditional model.

    Student Precautions

    • Pre-entry procedures and doors will open for students to enter the building beginning at 7:25 AM in the 2020-2021 school year.
    • All students will have their temperature taken by a school employee as they are allowed to enter the building.  Any student with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be escorted to the school-nurse for follow-up.
    • We will have four different entry points for students.  Social distancing will be encouraged while students are waiting in line.
      • Student drivers will enter the building through the double doors near the CTE Café, at the end of the A500 hallway. These doors will be marked with RED signs.  Adults will be at these doors with thermometers to screen students as they enter the building.
      • Bus riders will enter the building through the Commons entrance.  These doors will be marked with BLUE signs. Adults will be at these doors with thermometers to screen students as they enter the building. 
      • Students who are being dropped off will exit their vehicles at the athletic complex arch and will proceed to the doors at the end of the A100 hallway.  These doors will be marked with BLACK signs. Adults will be at these doors with thermometers to screen students as they enter the building.
      • Students who require special transportation will enter at the rear of the building where school employees will check temperatures and escort these students to class.
    • There will be bright blue tents at each temperature check-point.
    • Students will report directly to their 1st block class.  There will be no gathering or waiting period in the commons before the instructional day begins.  Students may go to one of three places once they enter the building:  1st block class, the cafeteria for breakfast, or the restroom.  
    • If students are on their feet, they are moving. If they are moving, they should wear a mask. If students do not have their own, one will be provided. 
    • Once in 1st Block, students will participate in a symptom check every day. Any student that exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 will be referred to the school nurse for follow-up.

    Staff Precautions

    • All school faculty and staff will have their temperature checked prior to the start of the instructional day.  Any staff with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be isolated and referred to the school nurse for follow-up. 
    • All faculty and staff will participate in a symptom check prior to the start of the instructional day. Any staff that exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 will be referred to the school nurse for follow-up.
    • All staff must enter through the front entrance in order to be screened before proceeding to their classrooms or offices.

    Symptomatic Students and Staff

    • Our school nurse – Leigh Knowles – will re-examine all students and staff that exhibit a high temperature or COVID-19 symptoms.
    • She will make appropriate referrals, contact parents/guardians, and send individuals home if warranted.
    • All students or staff who enter the nurse’s clinic are required to wear a mask.
    • Per CDC guidelines - Link to Health & Safety Page 
    • Nurse Knowles’s contact information:; 615-444-9610.

    Visitor Precautions and External Risks

    Visitor Precautions

    • Visitors will be limited to the schools’ front office vestibule unless they are doing business on campus such as repairs, delivery, dual enrollment, college recruitment, military recruitment, etc.
    • Visitors that are on campus to do business will have a temperature check and symptom check.
      • A visitor that does not clear these checks will not be allowed on campus, and their company will be notified.


    • Every parent or guardian must utilize the doorbell and camera/intercom system to communicate with the front desk receptionist, Chouree Culberson, before entering the vestibule.
      • Parents can communicate with Mrs. Culberson to express the reason for their visit:  student sign-out, dropping off items, appointment with school counselors, parent-teacher meetings, etc.
    • Parents and guardians who are on campus to visit the guidance office or for other school business will be screened for temperature and symptoms and should wear a mask.
    • Parents and guardians who are cleared to enter the front office to sign their child out of school should wear a mask and have their photo ID to show Mrs. Culberson before retrieving their child.
    • Parents and guardians who are dropping off items (lunch box, lunch money, projects, backpacks, etc.) for their child will use a designated drop zone in the vestibule.  They will not enter the front office.
      • Use the doorbell camera/intercom to communicate with Mrs. Culberson about what the item is and who it is for.
      • An office worker will retrieve the item from the drop zone immediately.  No personal belongings or money will be left in the vestibule. It will be secured promptly.  
      • LHS, nor any of its staff members, will be responsible for items dropped off to students during the school day.
    • Parents dropping off medication for a child will need to follow the procedure for entering the building and meeting with nurse Knowles and completing the paperwork.

    Student Trips

    • Student field trips will be limited to student-organization conventions (i.e. FFA, HOSA, etc.), student-organization competitions, and athletic trips until further notice.

    Health Promotions

    Print Media

    • LHS will display posters and other materials from the CDC that promote effective handwashing and the use of hand sanitizer, other practices that prevent the spread of COVID-19, recognition of COVID-19 symptoms, and what to do in case of suspected infection.
      • Media will be posted throughout the building at entry points, in hallways, restrooms, classrooms, and other common places.
    • Social distancing promotion and guidelines will be displayed in areas of the building where necessary: cafeteria, attendance office, etc.

    Instructional Units

    • Teachers will be provided with age-appropriate mini lessons that promote effective handwashing, the use of hand sanitizer, other practices that prevent the spread of COVID-19, recognition of COVID-19 symptoms, and what to do in case of suspected infection.

    Other Media

    • We will show videos school-wide that promote effective handwashing, the use of hand sanitizer, other practices that prevent the spread of COVID-19, recognition of COVID-19 symptoms, and what to do in case of suspected infection.
    • In the morning announcements, the principal will read brief statements that promote effective handwashing, the use of hand sanitizer, other practices that prevent the spread of COVID-19, recognition of COVID-19 symptoms, and what to do in case of suspected infection.
    • Our TV Broadcasting program, Blue Devil News, will also create instructional videos that are student-created and published for each student to view in their 3rd block class daily. These videos will include health promotions as well as daily announcements, updates, and briefings related to all the happenings at Lebanon High School. 

    School Nurse Precautions

    Clinic Precautions

    • Masks are required for students and staff to enter the nurse’s clinic.
    • Hand sanitizer will be used when students and staff enter the clinic and again when they exit the clinic.
    • Nurse Knowles will use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when students or staff enter and exit the clinic.
    • Nurse Knowles will utilize enhanced PPE and isolation for high-risk procedures such as breathing treatments or trach care.
    • Nurse Knowles will sanitize surfaces between clinic visits.
    • Nurse Knowles will isolate sick students.
    • LHS has a designee who has been trained to help distribute daily, approved, parent-provided medication to students outside of the clinic to minimize risk for students who take medicine regularly.
      Classroom teachers will be provided gloves and bandaids to reduce the number of avoidable referrals to the clinic.

    Clinic Referrals

    • Classroom teachers will make clinic referrals online to Nurse Knowles via a Google form rather than the tradition “hall pass.”  This minimizes risk for referred students.
    • Nurse Knowles will assess each referral, evaluate its priority, and call individual classrooms for the teacher to send students to the clinic.  All students will be seen.
    • Classroom teachers will isolate symptomatic students while waiting for a response from the school nurse, following the virtual referral process.
    • Students and staff that are sent home due to a high temperature will be required to be fever-free for 72 hours without medication before they can return to school per CDC guidelines.

    **We understand that the school nurse sees many students each day that have nothing to do with COVID-19.  All of the aforementioned precautions are in place to keep every visit to the clinic safe, no matter the reason.

    Food Service/Cafeteria

    Social Distancing Guidelines

    • The cafeteria will be divided into “zones,” with every 3rd block class assigned to a specific zone.  Students will be required to sit in their designated zones at lunch every day.  This will help us to distance students to the extent possible and to limit students’ accessibility to other areas of the cafeteria.
    • Classes will be dismissed to the cafeteria from their 3rd block on a rotating schedule in order to limit the number of students entering the cafeteria at one time.
    • A number of tables will be moved into the Commons area each day for lunch so that more space exists between tables.  The eating area for students is being expanded to create more opportunity for distancing.
    • CDC promotional materials encouraging and educating students on social distancing will be posted around the cafeteria.
    • Spaces will be marked on the floor where students stand in line to purchase food, providing distance between each student.
      • While students are standing in line to purchase food, they are all expected to wear a mask.
    • To the extent possible, students will leave spaces between each other at each table. 
    • Students will remain seated until the cafeteria monitors tell them it is their time to exit the cafeteria and to return to class.
      • When students exit the cafeteria, they will be on their feet; therefore, they are moving. And when they are moving, they should be wearing a mask.


    • Each lunch shift will be adequately staffed with teachers and with janitorial staff that will sanitize each table and seat once students exit the cafeteria. 
    • Each lunch shift will begin with sanitized tables and seats.


    • Breakfast will be available to students every morning before 7:50.
    • The number of students who eat breakfast in the cafeteria will be small enough that social distancing guidelines will be required:  spacing between students while standing in line, empty seats between one another at tables, every other table accessible, etc.
      • Teachers will be on duty in the cafeteria to enforce breakfast guidelines.

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Cleaning Precautions

    Face Coverings

    • When students are on their feet, they are moving. When they are moving, we expect them to wear a mask.
    • The Lebanon High School dress code requires all student-owned face coverings to be a solid color, or they can display the LHS school name and/or logo.
      • Face coverings are limited to disposable or cloth masks; not bandanas, scarves, t-shirt sleeves, etc.
      • Cloth masks should be washed before being used again. The principal will remind students of this daily via morning and/or afternoon announcements.
    • We have disposable masks for students who do not bring their own and will distribute these daily if necessary.
    • Students who ride a school bus are required to wear masks while on the bus.
    • Teachers and staff must wear face coverings when a job task requires them to be within six feet of students.
    • Any contractor, delivery driver, or WCS employee must wear face coverings if their task requires them to be in the school building during the students’ instructional day.

    Hand Sanitizer

    • Hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the building for student and staff to use:  near entry points, on each floor and end of the building, near the cafeteria, and in the Commons.
    • Each classroom teacher will be provided with hand sanitizer for students to use in the classroom.

    Classroom Cleaning

    • Teachers will facilitate the disinfection of desktops at each class change so that students are sitting at a sanitized desk.
    • Additional cleaning will be required during class if students change desks or  participate in lab stations or centers.
    • Students will only be allowed to use the Chrome Book assigned to them.  There is no sharing of technological devices during the school day.

    Contracted Cleaning

    • SMS will continue to deep clean each evening with special emphasis on common surfaces such as door handles.
    • SMS will use electrostatic sprayers to disinfect student and teacher desks during the evening.

    Cleaning Agents

    • Teachers and staff will only use cleaners that have been approved by the CDC and comply with OSHA requirements.
    • Cleaners will be unscented to prevent reactions to susceptible students and staff, particularly those who suffer from asthma.
    • No essential oils, air fresheners, etc.


    Athletic Practice and Conditioning

    • LHS precautions will align with TSSAA guidance and Executive Orders from the Governor.
    • Athletes and coaches will be screened before all team activities. Participants with a fever or symptoms will be sent home and referred to a healthcare provider.
    • If a participant tests positive for COVID-19, that participant is excluded from team activities for 14 days.
    • Common equipment is sanitized regularly, hygiene is encouraged, and players must provide their own water bottles.
    • Social distancing is practiced as much as possible.

    Athletic Contests

    • LHS will follow all guidance from the TSSAA and our Governor regarding athletic contests.
    • Signage will be placed and messaging over the public address system to encourage spectators to take steps to preserve their safety and health.
    • LHS will most likely utilize virtual ticket sales to limit contact between spectators and school workers.
    • Ticket booths and concession stands will utilize plexiglass barriers to protect workers and spectators. 

    Athletic Travel

    • Athletic teams may travel by bus but all riders must wear face coverings while on the bus if they cannot practice social distancing.

    **Several teams have begun practice and conditioning this summer, following mandated protocols for health and safety. There are specific guidelines to follow for contact and non-contact sports. Coaches will communicate directly with players and players’ parents for directions specifice to their teams.

    Daily Schedule

    We have described below what a typical day will look like at Lebanon High School for a student on the traditional schedule with our health and safety protocols and procedures in place.

    • Students get their temperature checked by an LHS staff member before entering the building.
    • Students must be moving once inside the building.  If a student is moving, a student is wearing a mask.
    • Students are moving to the cafeteria for breakfast, to the restroom on their way to 1st Block, or directly to their first block class.
    • The 1st Block teacher screens each student for symptoms before beginning the day’s lessons.
    • When the bell rings to end class, the student now has 5 minutes to transition to his or her next class.  The schedule shows 10 minutes between 1st and 2nd block, but this is to allow cushion for the possibility of a delayed start to instruction each day due to time-consuming pre-entry protocols. That transition time will be adjusted as needed, which is why the cushion exists.
      • When students transition, they are moving. When they are moving, they are wearing a mask.
      • Hand sanitizer stations are accessible throughout the building.
      • Water fountains will not be turned on.
    • When a student enters a new classroom, he or she will sit at a sanitized desk.
      • PE classes will not utilize locker rooms.
    • At lunch time, the 3rd block teacher will dismiss the class to the cafeteria at the designated time according to the during the rolling dismissal schedule.
    • The student will sit at a table in his designated zone in the cafeteria or Commons and will attempt to social distance while purchasing food or sitting at a table with peers.
      • When the students transition back to class, they are moving. When they are moving, they are wearing a mask.
    • The dismissal bell will ring at 2:50 PM, and the student will exit the building immediately and leave campus or proceed to a school-sponsored activity or practice.
      • Hallways will be dismissed on a rotating schedule in order to prevent a “traffic jam” of students in the hallways and at exit points.
      • When the students are exiting the campus, they are moving. When they are moving, they are wearing a mask
    • Students will exit the building upon dismissal. They will not be able to gather in the Commons.
    • Students who ride a bus from school are required to wear a mask.


     LHS Bell Schedule

High Quality Teaching and Learning

  • The Lebanon High School Structure for 2020-2021school year will consist of three Teaching and Learning Scenarios:

    1. Traditional, daily in-person teaching and learning
    2. Hybrid or blended learning
    3. Remote learning 

    Below is the LHS plan for High-Quality Teaching and Learning in each of the three scenarios.  

    Traditional Setting

    (Teachers and students will be on campus in a traditional, classroom setting)

    To ensure that instruction is of high quality in a TRADITIONAL setting, teachers will…

    • Utilize diagnostic tools Achieve 3000 and ALEKS to assess and identify students’ skill gaps in literacy and mathematics.
    • Use the data obtained from the diagnostic assessments to plan lessons for review, remediation, intervention, and advancement. 
    • Teachers of common courses will collaborate to plan detailed lessons aligned to the Wilson County Instructional Guides 
    • Teachers of common courses will collaborate to create common assessments (quizzes, tests) for each unit. 
    • Record a minimum of 1 grade and a maximum of 3 grades per week in Skyward.

    Hybrid Setting

    (Students are on campus a portion of each week and working remotely for a portion of the week, with both in-person and online instruction taking place)

    To ensure that instruction is of high quality in a hybrid setting, 

    • The same expectations will be adhered to as defined in the traditional setting, AND… 
    • Live instruction will occur Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for each of the students’ blocks/classes
    • On Wednesdays, students will report to LHS in order to receive remediation, tutoring, small group instruction, etc. and will follow the traditional Monday “Fast Track” schedule in order to see all of their teachers if necessary.
    • Teachers may refer students to report on Wednesday, or students may choose to attend on Wednesday in order to receive academic support.

    Here is a SAMPLE of what the Hybrid schedule could look like for an LHS student:

    Sample Hybrid Schedule


    • Synchronous Class: 30 minutes of live teaching by video conference / 30 minutes of intervention time
    • Asynchronous Class: 30 minutes of recorded teaching by video conference / 30 minutes of intervention time
    • Wednesday Schedule: See “Monday Fast Track Schedule”. All classes meet in a live, synchronous session to accommodate both virtual and in-person students. Lunch breaks occur during 3A as usual.

    Remote Setting

    (The class schedule occurs online for all students) 

    To ensure that the instruction is of High Quality in a REMOTE setting, teachers will…

    • Follow the same expectations as defined in the traditional setting, AND…
    • Using the LHS weekly lesson plan template, teachers will post their weekly lesson plans to each Thrivist (Learning Management System) course page by Monday of each week. 


    Sample Lesson Plan

    • Teachers will email weekly course lesson plans to parents/guardians .
    • Will conduct classes both synchronously and asynchronously adhering to the LHS daily remote schedule.

    Synchronous learning is learning that happens at the same time for the instructor and the learners, meaning that there’s real-time interaction between them. Asynchronous learning is learning that doesn’t necessarily happen at the same time for the instructor and the learners.  Asynchronous learning consists of pre-recorded lessons.

    • Will take attendance.
    • Will collect assignments and provide feedback.
    • Will grade and record a minimum of 1 grade and a maximum of 3 grades in Skyward
    • Teachers will have office hours at the conclusion of each class and from 2 – 3pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for tutoring, remediation, differentiation, and/or intervention.
    • Students can attend teachers’ office hours voluntarily; teachers can require a student to attend office hours.

    Social-Emotional Learning

    • We are conducting an inventory of the social-emotional health of our students and the interventions in place to address the stress or anxiety that they will be under as we transition into the various scenarios for learning.
    • Weekly, organized lessons will be planned and provided for teachers to utilize in classrooms to specifically address the social-emotional learning aspect of school.

    Special Populations

    Response to Intervention (RTI)

    • For our students who require intensive intervention to make up for gaps in literacy and math skills, the following is in place:
      • RTI Tier 3 will be offered as a block class on the A/B schedule like all other scheduled classes. 
      • Information for these classes will be located on Thrivist like all other scheduled classes. 
      • If we are teaching remotely, the class will be able to meet whole group through Google Meet, and/or in small groups to help with varied academic needs. 
      • Progress monitoring will be completed on EasyCBM. Our teachers are trained on how to use EasyCBM.
      • Teachers will have students log on within the first two weeks of school to make sure they are comfortable with all of the electronic platforms, and to get the students’ first data points for the school year. 
    • We coordinate with all of our feeder schools to get up-to-date data on our 9th graders. We continue with the data we have for all 10th graders. 
    • We have a set monthly RTI meeting to discuss any new students, students that are on watch, new referrals, and current students’ progress. 

    English as a Second Language (ESL)

    • On the Hybrid/On-line schedule for High school students, ESL students will have the option to come to the school building on Tuesday – Friday. Transportation will be available. 
    • ESL teachers will continue to coordinate and communicate with their student’s general education teachers about academic needs. 
    • ESL teachers will be using the Thrivist platform for their classes. 
    • ESL teachers will continue with social-emotional learning supports and will go over safety precautions with students. 
    • ESL teacher during the first week of school will work with students to get as many contact numbers and email address’ of students and their guardians, to supplement what is in Skyward.

    Students with Disabilities (SWD)

    • On the hybrid schedule for LHS, students in the CDC program will have the option to come to the school building on Tuesday-Friday. Transportation will be available.
    • Social-emotional learning:  in the CDC classrooms teachers will daily address with students about being out of school and other issues that have occurred in the past 6 months. 
      • Teachers and EA’s will work to make the transition back to school a pleasant one for all students. 
    • IEP’s will be held virtually until further notice. 
    • Teachers and EA’s in the CDC classroom will be supplied with face shields. 
    • CDC teachers will continue to go over safety precautions with students as part of the daily routine. 
    • Inclusion/ERC teachers will coordinate and communicate with their general education teacher on the needs of their students. Teachers will also have their Thrivist classroom where appropriate. 
    • Teachers will continue to document all parent contact in EasyIEP.

Communication Plan

  • We want to provide a strong and reliable communication structure for sharing informatino and regularly staying connected with our faculty, students, families, and community.

    Regular Announcements and Updates

    • A weekly newsletter will go out to all parents before Monday morning, sharing upcoming events at our school, whether during the school day or extra-curricular (school pictures, athletic events, college fairs, etc.).
      • The newsletter will also include the latest updates pertaining to keeping our students safe and healthy, updates from the district regarding any transition to a new learning scenario, and reminders about sanitation protocols.
    • Announcements will be updated daily on our school website –
      • All families are encouraged to subscribe to the daily announcements so that they will be notified when new information is posted.

    Visit LHS Helpful Info and Contacts for a one-stop page for you to refer to when needing to contact the school and get the latest news.  This is “who to contact when…” information.  The contact list is “under construction” and will be updated regularly. 

    Communication from Teachers

    • All teachers’ contact information is available on our school website under the Faculty and Staff Directory page.
    • Teachers will send weekly lesson plans to parents via Skyward if in a hybrid or remote scenario.
    • Teachers will post weekly lesson plans for students in Thrivist if in a hybrid or remote scenario.
      • Thrivist is our Learning Management System for online learning.
    • Teachers have regular office hours for students on the hybrid and remote scenarios.
    • If a student is “inactive” during a hybrid or remote scenario, meaning they do not attend their scheduled live lessons or do not complete assignments for one school week, the teacher will contact the parent and refer the student to the school counselor, assistant principal, and graduation coach for required intervention.

    Freshman/New Student Orientation

    • A video link with Dr. Walters’s usual orientation to LHS will be sent out to families of all incoming 9th grade and new students. The video will have IMPORTANT information and feature key elements of the school day and school building.
    • Students and their parents may come into the building to get their class schedules and to tour the building during their assigned time.
      • Protocols will be in place for entering the building.
      • This time should be limited to the student and his or her parents only. Please try to avoid bringing siblings or other family members in as much as possible.

    Freshman Orientation

Access to Instruction

  • Technology will play a major role this year. All students must have an understanding of the basic procedures, be capable of accessing programs and instruction on a portable device, and most importantly, must maintain continuous contact with his/her teachers, should we find ourselves having to teach and learn remotely. The following information will give insight to various procedures we have in place.

    Virtual vs. Remote Learning

    • Virtual learning is attending school 100% from home. Instruction, assignments, and grades are to be expected, but will be facilitated completely online. Virtual students will not come to the school building during the school day.
    • Students attending school in the traditional format may encounter a period of remote instruction and learning. This will occur should schools have to close for any period of time. Instruction, assignments, and grades are still expected. Ideally, learning will be seamless. Upon the closure of school, teachers and students will know exactly what to do. 

    Student Device Distribution

    Every student at LHS will be assigned his/her own chromebook for this school year. In order to receive a chromebook, students must complete the following:

    • Complete and turn in the Student Device Agreement. Forms will be 
      e-mailed to all students to be completed and turned-in on or before the first day of school. Hard copies will be made available at the school if needed. 
    • The agreement must be read, signed, and returned.
    • Each student must complete the Digital Citizenship course. This will be facilitated by teachers during the first few days of school. 

    Teachers will have details for students on the first day of school regarding the collection of forms, devices, etc.

    Students choosing the VIRTUAL option for learning must also turn in the completed form and insurance payment in order to receive a chromebook. Virtual students should expect to complete the Digital Citizenship lesson with one and possibly more than one of their virtual teachers. 


    • Textbooks will be distributed to students during the first week of school. Each teacher will communicate whether a textbook is required for their respective course. There is no fee for textbook distribution. Fees will be assessed, however, should the textbook be lost or damaged during the school year. 
    • Any textbook required for a virtual student will be made available when the student checks out his/her chromebook. 

    Backup Distribution Process

    • In the event of a last-minute change due to COVID regulations, a backup distribution process for student devices and textbooks will occur. This plan will be implemented if we are unable to attend school in person during the week of August 3rd. Students and/or parents will remain in their vehicle at all times. This format will be a drive-thru process with 4 required stops:
      • Stop #1: Car Line instructions will be sent in an e-mail from Dr. Walters with the Student Device Agreement attached. Parents are encouraged to complete the form ahead of time and have it ready in the car line. Additional forms will be on-hand during distribution day if needed. If the student/parent has previously completed the form and payment is ready, they will be directed to stop #2. Stop #1 will identify the student and will communicate with stop #3. This will give stop #3 extra time to pull the student’s textbooks. 
      • Stop #2: Students/Parents will turn in forms and make CASH ONLY payment. Online payments can be made in advance to save some time. 
      • Stop #3: Teachers will be prepared to distribute any required textbooks at stop #3.
      • Stop #4: All students MUST stop at the 4th checkpoint to sign in to their device and link their data. If this is not completed, students will not have all necessary functions available on their device when they get home.

    The backup distribution plan, if needed, will be used for both traditional and virtual students.

    Summer Teacher Preparation

    • Our teachers have worked hard this summer in preparation for both TRADITIONAL and REMOTE learning. Teachers have completed training for best practices during remote learning and the respective programs being utilized by our district. We are going to be as prepared as possible and ask for your flexibility and patience as instruction begins. 


    • Become familiar with Thrivist! Thrivist is our platform for instruction in a remote learning situation and is referred to as a Learning Management System. (Thrivist will also be used by all students who choose the virtual learning option.) 
    • Student access to Thrivist, along with any other technology-based requirements, will be addressed in all classes during the first few days of school so that they are very familiar with it, should it become necessary for remote learning.

    Library Services

    • Access to our library will be limited this year. As long as we are attending school in person, students will have access to the library as usual. 
    • Should we move to a remote learning scenario, students will still be able to check out materials, but will need to do so using an online platform called FOLLET. An instructional video for making reservations through Follet will be posted on the LHS Library website. Questions can always be addressed by contacting Mrs. Johnson, our school librarian by e-mail, at
    • Check-out process during a remote scenario:
      • Student will reserve the book through Follet.
      • Mrs. Johnson will leave the book in the main office, labeled with the student’s name. 
      • Mrs. Johnson will e-mail the student to let him/her know the item is ready and the appropriate due date. 
      • The student or parent will be able to pick up the book from the main office. 
      • Books should be returned to the main office on time.


    Remote Learning Common Words

    • Synchronous Learning: A teacher is teaching online in a live, real-time setting. Students are required to log in and actively participate in class at an assigned time. Instruction, activities, questions, answers, and real time discussion is taking place between teachers and the entire class at one time.
    • Asynchronous Learning: Students are required to log in to an online class at an assigned time. Students are learning from pre-recorded videos and uploaded instructional content on their own. 

    Office Hours

    We know students will need additional support during a remote scenario. All teachers will hold daily office hours from 2pm-3pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Office hours will not be held on Wednesdays due to a full schedule of classes. During office hours, all teachers will be available by phone, e-mail, and video conferencing. Please be patient and mindful of other students’ potential needs during this time. Teachers will respond to all students to the best of their abilities. Should you encounter difficulty in connecting with any teacher during office hours or for any reason during remote learning, do not hesitate to contact our administrative staff. We are happy to look into the breakdown of any situation.

    Remote Learning Outline

    Due to the nature of COVID-19, we must be prepared to operate remotely.  As previously stated, the transition from traditional to remote learning should be relatively seamless.  Instruction and learning will simply take place online.  Our teachers will dedicate quite a bit of time preparing students during the first two weeks of school in anticipation of this possibility.  The following outlines a more ideal, but modified learning plan to use, if possible.

    • A sample hybrid schedule has already been provided in the High Quality Teaching and Learning section of this plan.
    • Teachers will report to LHS as usual. 
    • Students with special needs will still have access to in-person instruction. Our exceptional education staff will communicate pertinent details to these families. 
    • The majority of our students will continue to meet with their regularly scheduled classes, every day, on a modified schedule. 

    Remote Wednesdays

    Students who need extra, in-person support will be able to report to school on Wednesdays. 

    • Students who plan to attend school on a Wednesday MUST communicate their intention to each teacher in advance in order for the teacher to be prepared to receive them.
    • Teachers will communicate with any students and parents, should they feel a student is falling behind, who may benefit from in-person participation on a Wednesday. 
    • Wednesday classes may be a blend of students learning in person as well as students learning from home. 
    • Wednesday instruction may be synchronous or asynchronous. 
    • Students who are on campus on Wednesdays MUST be in their assigned location. If a student is present on campus, they must be in class. No roaming or loitering will be allowed. 
    • All 8 classes will meet at their regularly scheduled time each Wednesday.

    Instructional Material 

    • Several teachers across our district were involved in instructional planning this summer. Many of our courses now have pre-planned instructional guides containing course content and additional resources. 
    • The instructional guides will be available for all English, Math, Science, and CTE courses. 
      • Teachers across our district will be diligent in following a specific pacing plan to ensure a cohesive transition, should we have to move to a remote learning experience. 

    Additional Support

    • A student device (chromebook) is being provided for each student. However, we understand that some of our students may have limited or no internet service at home. In the event your student needs printed materials, the following procedures are in place:
    • Instead of notifying 8 individual teachers, simply notify your student’s school counselor. Counselors are assigned by the student’s last name:
      A-Co = Alston Denton 
      Cr-He = Courtney Alms
      Hi-Me = Rachel Reavis
      Mi-Sc = Sarah Fraser
      Se-Z = Amy Grant
    • Your child’s counselor will communicate the need with the appropriate teachers. 
    • Hard copies of instructional material will be available for students or parents to pick-up each Friday morning from 8-11am. 
    • Student work should be returned on the following Friday morning, when the student or parent comes to pick up the material for the next week. It will be important that work is turned in each week in order for teachers to review and grade in a timely manner. 
    • Even without Internet access at home, the school device can be used to complete work and saved.  
      • When the parent comes to the building to drop off/pick up materials, the device can be logged on to our WiFi system and uploaded/turned in to the teacher.  Teachers will instruct students on how to do this.
    • There is no need to communicate the need for off-line materials each week. We will simply continue to provide this service unless you tell us otherwise. 
    • If students and parents are not allowed to enter the building, the student and/or parent will identify themselves at the front door and the materials will be brought to them. 

    Should we encounter a situation where students and parents are not allowed on campus, our incredible staff will make arrangements to deliver materials to your home. This will only be offered if you are not allowed on campus.