LES Re-Entry Plan Introduction



    The new school year is upon us, and even though it will look, sound, and feel very different, it will still be “school” where we do our very best to not only teach academics but also meet the students based on their needs, including social and emotional.  It will be a year that we must stand together as a team to support our students and our teachers.  Without the support of the team at home, the challenges that we will navigate through will be even more challenging.  

    This document outlines much of what our school re-entry plan includes.  Additional information will be provided at virtual open houses and within our teacher syllabuses.  In addition, information located within this document supersedes any related items that may be found within the student agenda or on our website.  This plan will be treated as fluid in nature to allow for any adjustments that may be required. It is our goal to continue to involve and inform our families throughout the year.  

    Finally, we are not only blessed by the best students and teachers within this district, but it is through the support of our parents that makes us that much more successful.  Thank you for being part of our TEAM. Please continue to #STANDWITHUS

    Dr. Tiffany Brown


    These past few months have brought challenges to each of us and our families that one would have never expected.  While it may have affected us in different ways, we all have the decision as to whether we are going to approach it with positivity or negativity.  This will be a focus for us as a staff as we understand that it is important for us to set the tone and example for our students.  We rely on your support to also set the tone beginning in the home.  In order to do this, you must prepare yourself first.  We encourage you to vent privately to other adults, problem solve, cope, and gather your thoughts.  It is important to do this out of view of our students as we realize they have enough to process as they have been equally as affected by the experiences of the last few months.  

     When explaining returning to school to your student:

    • Use clear, simple language to describe face masks, social distancing, bussing, schedules, etc.
    • If they feel excited to return to school, “roll with that!”
    • If they feel uncomfortable, acknowledge their feelings AND yours, but without inflammatory language and venting. No plan will be perfect or ideal - demonstrate how to cope with uncomfortable feelings and turn to problem-solving - how can you work together to make things as good as possible? Accentuate the positive.
    • Reassure your student that returning to school will be done in a way that keeps them safe. We will continue to take guidance from the CDC, state, and local governments while listening to doctors and procedures that have worked elsewhere.
    • Stay calm and work to minimize student anxiety. We do not want to cause any additional stress to your student. Many physical symptoms of anxiety mimic symptoms of COVID-19, headaches, stomach aches, etc. 
    • During the remainder of the summer, practice coping strategies for when they feel stressed: grounding techniques, calming strategies, distractions, journaling, etc.  

    We will continue to meet the needs of every child.  We realize that students may be returning with their own new anxieties, and we will be focusing as a school, including training, on social emotional support to help guide students through their “new normal.”  

    Melissa Amadio
    School Counselor


    Hello Lakeview Families,

    As we enter this school year, so much will be different or changed by what is going on in our community and world. Let me just say, as a seasoned Lakeview parent, we have amazing teachers, staff, and families.  We always find ways to work together to make our school the best for our children. One of the ways you can help is to be involved with the PTO. The PTO is an intricate part of our school by helping to provide classroom technology needs, Accelerated Reading program, monthly teacher luncheons, and much more.  This is a great opportunity for you to be involved and get to know other families at our school.  Please be on the look out for more information throughout the year on how you can help.  It is going to be a fabulous year because we choose to make it fabulous!

    In Eagle Spirit,
    Misty Hampton
    PTO President

Health and Safety Protocols

  • Screenings

    All faculty, staff, and students will have their temperatures checked each morning prior to entering academic hallways. Symptoms will be checked each morning through a series of questions.

    • Entry into the building will be divided into K-2 and 3-5 grade bands entering through different doors.  When looking at our school, K-2 students will enter the doors to the right side of the gym and 3-5 will enter through the lobby.  Siblings must enter through their assigned entrance/door.  (A separate message will be sent via Blackboard with a diagram of the front of the building specifically noting these entrance points). 
    • Students who arrive prior to the 7:15 bell will report to their designated location in the building which is separated by grade level.
    • Students will be seated with their homeroom class. 
    • Temperature checks will take place at these locations.  
    • After 7:15, temperature checks will be taken at the entry doors.
    • After 7:30, all students must enter through our main lobby doors and will have their temperature taken within the lobby.
    • We realize that warmer weather could initially impact a child’s temperature once they arrive, and this will be taken into consideration prior to isolation with a recheck of the temperature being provided after allowing the child to cool off.   
    • Students and staff who are sent home with a temperature at or above 100.4 will be required to be fever free for 72 hours without medication before they can return to school per CDC guidelines.  A doctor's note will be required if an absence goes beyond 72 hours.  
    • Symptomatic individuals will be isolated with all efforts being made to ensure privacy.  Students will be supervised while being isolated.
    • Symptom questions will be asked by the homeroom teacher as part of their morning routine.  
    • If a child does respond that they have one or more of the symptoms, the teachers will follow the isolation protocol and nurse referral procedures.  
    • Throughout the first week of school, we will be providing lessons for students on how to recognize their own symptoms so that they may accurately respond to the questions.

    Risk Mitigation

    Reduction of student numbers in all common areas will take place. Students will be prompted to wash hands before and after visiting each common area. All surfaces will be cleaned between class changes to include lunch and Related Arts. Limiting of shared materials will be encouraged in all settings. Some items such as leveled readers and math manipulatives may be shared and will be disinfected as needed.


    • Morning arrival will be separated by grade band with students seated with their homeroom class throughout the traditional and hybrid models (see section under screening for additional details).
    • Dismissal will follow the same procedure as arrival to ensure consistency for students and reduce confusion throughout the traditional and hybrid models.

    Academic Class Schedules/Rotations

    • Traditional - Students will follow their normal academic rotation which would include switching classes and attending Related Arts. 
    • Hybrid - Students will remain with a cohort for the day.  They will not rotate to Related Arts.  (See section under Academic Instruction for additional information).  

    Cafeteria (Lunch)

    The cafeteria will be offering a modified menu throughout the year, but they will have all of the kids’ favorite hot meals.  Everything will be plated/prepackaged to eliminate cross contamination.  All cafeteria staff will be required to wear face coverings.  


    • Tables have been placed to ensure limited interaction with traffic patterns and students at other tables.  
    • Students will have assigned seats for contact tracing purposes.  
    • Due to the current executive order, for the first month of school, we will be limited to 50 students in each section of our cafeteria.
      • While under the executive order, students will be eating in the cafeteria 1-2 days each week on a rotating schedule to ensure no more than 50 students are in a section of the cafeteria at a time.  
      • Students will eat in the classrooms when not eating in the cafeteria.  
        • Those needing to purchase a lunch or beverage from the cafeteria will be escorted to the cafeteria and back to their classroom by their teacher.  
        • To-go containers will be provided in order for students to easily transport their purchased items back to the classrooms.


    • Tables have been placed to ensure limited interaction with traffic patterns and students at other tables. 
    • Students will have assigned seats for contact tracing purposes.
    • Students will be seated with one empty seat between them and another student, when available.  
    • Due to the current executive order, for the first month of school, we will be limited to 50 students in each section of our cafeteria.
      • While under the executive order, students will be eating in the cafeteria one time per week on a rotating schedule to ensure no more than 50 students are in a section of the cafeteria at a time.
      • Students will eat in the classrooms when not eating in the cafeteria.  
        • Those needing to purchase a lunch or beverage from the cafeteria will be escorted to the cafeteria and back to their classroom by their teacher.  
        • To-go containers will be provided in order for students to easily transport their items back to the classrooms.

    Cafeteria (Breakfast)

    • Designated tables will be assigned to each grade level.
    • Social distancing procedures (i.e. keeping a seat open between students) will take place when possible.

    Restrooms/Water Fountains

    • Current restroom procedures ensure that numbers are limited in the restrooms.
    • Students will be reminded to wash their hands with soap and water (visually, verbally) after visiting the restroom.
    • Water fountains will be available for student use.  The custodians will be cleaning them throughout each school day.  We encourage students to bring a water bottle from home and to utilize our touchless water bottle feature located on the majority of our water fountains.


    • Traditional - students will be divided daily into smaller groups to play in assigned areas of the playground based on student preferences.  Teachers will document students within these groups to allow for contact tracing.  
    • Hybrid - students will be divided by cohorts within locations on the playground

    Related Arts

    • Traditional - teachers will facilitate disinfecting common areas/materials (i.e. tables) between classes.  Related Arts rotations will occur as normal.
    • Hybrid - no rotations will take place; Related Arts teachers will work with the classroom teachers to plan daily lessons for students (i.e. video, live Google Meet session, activity) to be facilitated by the classroom teacher.

    Nurse’s Clinic

    • Students and staff entering the clinic will be provided with a face covering.  Students will be strongly encouraged to wear a mask while in the clinic.  
    • All efforts will be made to ensure that sick students are limited to the hall outside of the clinic as well as the clinic itself.  Students will be routed in a manner to limit contact with areas in the main office.  
    • Hand sanitizer will be used when students or staff enter the clinic and again when they exit the clinic.
    • The school nurse will sanitize surfaces between clinic visits.
    • The school nurse will isolate sick students, re-check temperatures, and make the decision as to whether or not a child should be sent home.
    • Teachers will utilize a virtual referral system to limit the number of students referred to the clinic at a time. 
      • Classroom teachers will isolate symptomatic students while waiting for a response from the school nurse.  
      • In addition to our school nurse, we have medical designees that can assist those students who require daily medications to help minimize risk.  
    • Classroom teachers will be provided with gloves, tooth fairy boxes, and band-aids to reduce the number of avoidable clinic referrals.
    • The school nurse will be available during the week of the 27th (7 a.m. to noon) to drop off medicines in her clinic.  Please email the nurse with the date and time you anticipate stopping by the school to ensure that visitors are distributed evenly throughout the day. 
    • Nurse Jessica will be sending out an additional email as well as a link to any forms that need to be completed in advance or by a child’s physician.
    • Please note that the nurse will not be available until after 8:30 each morning during the school year.
      • If you need to drop off medicine at any time throughout the school year, we request that you email the nurse to arrange for a time to drop off the item in the clinic.  
      • If you have information you feel the nurse must know at the start of the school day, the information can be provided to one of the med designees in the main office.  

    Main Office/School Visitors

    • Visitors will be limited to each school’s secure vestibule (i.e. lobby) unless they are doing business on campus such as repairs and deliveries.  
      • There will be NO lunch visitors or classroom helpers for the duration of the school year.   In addition, visitors will be unable to attend classroom parties or special activities. 
      • Visitors entering our building are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering especially before entering our main office.
    • Visitors that are doing business on campus will have a temperature check and symptom check.
    • A visitor that has a temperature at or above 100.4 or has symptoms will not be allowed on campus.
    • All screening of visitors will take place within our lobby to limit exposure in our main office.
    • To help minimize external risks, no outside food such as fast food, soft drinks, or pizzas may be dropped off for a student. Only lunch boxes or sack lunches will be permissible.
    • We understand that there are times that a student leaves an important item at home such as a backpack, lunchbox, homework assignment, etc.  The parent will state the student name and item to be dropped off at the door buzzer.  Once buzzed into the building, parents will fill out a form to attach it with the item and leave on the table located in the lobby.  The student will be called to pick up their item to limit the number of individuals in contact with the item.  
      • To ensure that staff is on duty to assist with this procedure, we request that all dropped off items are delivered to the school no later than 9am.  This will allow for students to have their lunch boxes prior to lunch and/or their school materials at the start of the school day.  

    Contracted Cleanings/Cleaning Products

    • SMS will deep clean every evening with special attention to common/high traffic areas.
    • SMS will use electrostatic sprayers to disinfect students and teacher desks after school hours.
    • SMS staff will be present during school hours to assist in sanitation as needed in the building at the direction of the administration (i.e. in the cafeteria during lunch).
    • Rugs will be cleaned on a routine basis.  All soft surfaces such as cloth chairs and pillows will be removed.  
    • Spray cleaner will be provided to schools for each teacher.  If parents want to send supplies, paper towels will be needed.  We could also use donations of Clorox/Lysol/disinfectant wipes and AAA batteris for our thermometers.
    • Please make note of this website outlining hand sanitizers that are NOT permitted in the school setting.    This list has been provided to us by the FDA.

    Health Promotion

    • Classes will be distanced and have assigned seating in all areas (i.e. buses, classrooms, cafeteria, zones at recess).  While desks and tables will be spaced as much as possible, 6’ cannot occur in all settings.  
    • Videos about hand washing, symptoms, surface cleaning, and appropriate use of PPE will be provided to schools for the first week of lessons.
    • Students will receive mini-lessons throughout the year to address and remind students of practices that prevent the spread of COVID-19 (i.e. handwashing, hand sanitizer, distancing from others when possible).   
    • Printed posters will be placed around the school at common areas to promote practices that prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    Hygiene Routines for Staff and Students

    Field Trips/Assemblies

    • The only field trips that are permitted within the district for the school year will be limited to student group conventions, student group competitions, and athletic trips. 
    • Due to social distancing guidelines, no large school assemblies will take place.

    Face Coverings

    • It is our expectation that students and staff will wear coverings while in the school building, and it is recommended that the adults model such behavior while interacting with others, both students and colleagues, while in the building. Masks will be:
      • Optional for students and staff in areas where social distancing is feasible (EX: classrooms, less crowded hallways)
      • Strongly Encouraged in high-risk areas where social distancing is not feasible (EX: bus transitions, arrival, dismissal, crowded hallways, clinic/isolation areas, and for teachers working within close proximity (within 6 feet) of others)
    • Students are required to wear a mask when riding the school bus.
    • Each student will be provided a face covering to wear during all safety drills or emergency situations where they would be in close proximity to one another.  It will be strongly encouraged for students to wear them during these times.  
    • All face coverings must comply with our district’s dress code.
    • Our school will be receiving disposable masks for every adult and child within the building.  This amounts to having one per day, if needed.  
    • We encourage students to bring their own face coverings daily.

    Staying Home When Appropriate


    COVID-19 Positive Cases and Notification

    • Positive COVID-19 Test
      • Upon learning of a positive case, notification of those in close proximity begins while the COVID-19 positive individual follows medical orders, including quarantine.  (EX: A person’s classes, bus, lunch table, sport team, and related staff)
      • Individuals notified will be asked to monitor symptoms and seek medical attention, as needed.  
      • Schools continue to monitor symptoms of students and staff.
      • Students and staff may return to school/work based upon orders from their doctor. 
    • Students Testing Positive for COVID-19
      • Notify the school
      • Follow orders of healthcare provider
        • Symptomatic = Quarantine a minimum of 10 calendar days from start of symptoms AND 3 days fever-free
        • Asymptomatic = Quarantine 10 calendar days from positive test date and remain asymptomatic
      • Documentation needed for absences: documentation from the student’s medical provider
    • Someone at the Child’s Home Tests Positive for COVID-19
      • Notify the school
      • Follow any applicable orders of healthcare provider
      • Quarantine a minimum of 10 calendar days from positive test date of close contact and monitor symptoms at home
      • Documentation needed for absences: documentation from the student or family member’s medical provider
    • Symptomatic/Asymptomatic Definitions
      • Symptomatic = person is experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
      • Asymptomatic = person is not experiencing any symptoms.

    Make Up Work

    • Learning Guides are available through our online Learning Management System, Thrivist.
      • All Learning Guides are available to students on their school issued device.  Students will bring their device to and from school each day. 
      • This will allow students to have their makeup work at home during their absence instead of having to wait until they return to school.  
        • There will be no need to get work prior to a scheduled absence.
        • Parents will not have to stop by the school to collect makeup work from the front office during a child’s absence. 
      • Unless a student has an illness not permitting them to complete their work at home, the expectation will be that the work is completed prior to their return in order for them to stay current with the content and lessons.  
    • Homebound Services
      • The parent of the child should apply for Homebound services upon receipt of medical order to quarantine for 10+ days.
      • Application can be made through the School Counseling Office.
      • The assigned Homebound teacher will provide virtual direct services and facilitate assignments given by the teachers in the student’s school of zone.

Social-Emotional Supports

    • Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children of all ages understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.
    • Lakeview teachers have received training and have had a continued focus on the area of Social Emotional supports for the last three years.  We continue to build on this training each school year.  
      • Relationship building is a top priority as we reopen schools: Relationships among faculty, relationships between faculty members and students, and relationships with families. 
      • As part of this focus, our teachers will:
        • Consider the physical and psychological safety needs of students
        • Revisit school-wide and classroom expectations 
        • Engage in collaborative problem solving with our students
        • Spend as much time connecting/reconnecting with our students
        • Recognize that each student has unique needs and some have particular vulnerabilities
        • Form a well check team to monitor student behavioral and social-emotional needs
    • Teachers will conduct at least two SEL activities per week.  These supports will be just as important in the Hybrid and Remote models.  
    • Our school counselor will be utilizing the Second Step Curriculum in guidance classes and as a resource in the various models (Traditional, Hybrid, and Remote).  
      • The Second Step Curriculum teaches critical skills --such as managing emotions and behavior, getting along with peers, and solving problems peacefully -- that can help students in school, the workplace, and throughout their lives.  
    • Additional supports/training will take place prior to school beginning.  Lakeview faculty/staff participated in a book study this summer to help plan for how to support our students and social-emotional needs within their classrooms.  

Academic Instruction

  • Learning Resources

    School Supplies

    • School Supply Kits - If you ordered a kit for your child, it will be delivered to your child’s classroom prior to the first day of school.
      • If you opted to enroll your child as a virtual student, once the kits have been sorted and delivered to the classrooms, you will be contacted to pick up your child’s kit at the school.
    • We highly encourage that school supplies are dropped off at the school during the week of August 10th between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.  (On Friday, please do not drop off items until after 11 a.m. due to a health event we are having for staff that morning).
      • Please write your child’s name on the box or bag so that we can ensure that it gets to the correct classroom.
      • Any items dropped off during our school supply drop off week of August 10th - August 14th will allow for a smoother first day for your child as their items will already be in their classrooms.  
      • Car tags will be available in the front office during the week of August 10th - August 14th from 8 - 3pm each day.  
        • If you cannot make it to the school to pick up a tag prior to school starting, we request that you arrive at school between 1-2pm on the first day of school to receive your tag prior to dismissal.  
        • If your child is not a car rider on the first day of school, please let your child’s teacher know that you need a tag(s) sent home with your child.  
    • Our school counselor’s office has extra school supply kits for those families that may need additional supplies if we were to transition into Hybrid or Remote schedules.  Please let your child’s teacher know or contact Mrs. Amadio, our school counselor, if you need this assistance at any time during the school year. 

    Traditional Model

    • The traditional model mirrors what students and families are most familiar with.  
    • For grades 3-5, students will participate in class rotations where students will be divided among classes across the grade level to ensure students participate in classes based on their areas of need.  This will mean they will not stay with the same group of students for the whole day.
    • For 2nd grade, students will stay with their homeroom class throughout the day, but they will switch teachers for reading and math.
    • For K-1, students will stay with their classroom teacher for the duration of the day other than possible Eagle time rotations based on student areas of need.

    Hybrid Model

    • Decisions to move between Traditional/Hybrid/Remote will be determined by the culmination of data impacting a school, group of schools, or the entire district.  Change notifications will be made by 4 p.m. on Thursdays.  The health metrics being collected include attendance rates, new recoveries, new hospitalizations, and new deaths.  The district tracks the daily values, 14-day values, trends, and total counts for each of these measures.  
    • This model will be decided on at the district level.  If COVID-19 trends are showing a need to mitigate risks even further than what will take place in the traditional model, Hybrid will be the model that we will follow.
    • In this model, students will be assigned either an A Day (Tuesday/Thursday) or B Day (Wednesday/Friday).  Monday will be a planning day to allow for teachers to collaborate with one another, the interventionist, instructional coach, exceptional education teachers, etc. NO students will report to school on Mondays within the Hybrid model.
    • For the days the students come to school, they will remain with their assigned cohort for the day.
      • For K-1, students will stay with their classroom teacher for the duration of the day as they would in traditional.
      • For 2nd grade, students will remain with their homeroom teacher for the duration of the day.
      • For grades 3-5, students will be assigned a class period to stay with for each day.  This will allow students to stay with their peers by their academic blocks.  Additional information will be provided when teachers make personal contact (i.e. phone call) prior to the start of school.  
      • In this model, students will have access to their Thrivist classroom as well as have their teachers (reading, math, science/ss) virtually meet with the students over the projected screen in each classroom.
    • A/B Cohorts will be given to parents when the teachers make a phone call to each student’s home prior to Friday, July 24th. The teacher will let you know what day your child will come to school if we were to move to a Hybrid Schedule at any point in the school year.
      • Please note that these days were assigned based on the bus routes.
      • Buses will only run the assigned routes that correspond to the A/B day schedule.
      • For this reason, A/B days cannot be changed.
      • We cannot provide transportation to an address other than the one identified as Family 1 in Family Access while in the Hybrid model.
        • Some children ride to a different parent’s home based on a custodial schedule, but we will not be able to accommodate this within this model, and alternate transportation will need to be arranged.
      • All students in a single household will be assigned the same day.  

    Remote Model

    • It is important to note that this model is different from the virtual option offered to families when registering their child(ren). 
    • This model will be decided on by the district if COVID-19 trends warrant students to completely work from home. (See specific information within the Hybrid model section on what data is considered when making this decision).  
    • Teachers will be reporting to school each day and will be providing synchronous (live virtual lessons) based on the remote learning schedule.  
      • The recommended daily remote schedule is found at the LES Remote Schedule.
      • The schedule outlines the recommended schedule and includes the live synchronous session times.  
    • Teachers will include additional information in their syllabus as well as at the virtual Open Houses.
    • Teachers will have a set time for office hours each day which can be found on the schedule.  
      • A teacher from each grade level will be available to respond via email from 7-8 pm each evening.
        • Parents should email the entire grade level team with their questions to ensure that it gets to the teacher “on call.”  
        • If a teacher is unable to answer your question via email, a phone call can be scheduled for the following school day.  
    • Students will be expected to take their school issued device home each day and will have it at home in the case of moving to a Remote Schedule.
      • Please ensure that your child charges their device nightly.  
      • If a student has limited internet access at home:
        • Our school parking lot will be a “hotspot.”
        • Teachers can assist with ensuring the learning content is downloaded to a student’s device, if needed.  
      • While we prefer that all students complete their work on their device, if for some reason the downloading option does not work, we will have printed Learning Packets that will be available for pickup at the school on Thursdays (when in Remote Model).  The packet would be returned to the school the following Thursday unless school returns on a hybrid or traditional schedule. 

    Exceptional Education Students

    • Direct and related services will be provided no matter what learning model the District transitions to as a result of COVID-19.  Services will continue to be individualized for students.
    • Questions related to services, health and safety procedures, or the different types of learning models can be directed to the Exceptional Education COVID-19 Hotline at 615-444-3282, ext. 7479.

Technology Support

    • Acceptable Use Policy/Student Device Agreement
    • Digital Learning School Team
      • Our Digital Learning School Team will provide support to students, teachers, and parents. They are available to help answer questions regarding technology.  In the event you have technology issues/concerns, please contact your grade level team member.

    Kelsey McCaw (Technology)

    Dana Hix (Library) 

    Hayley Wieme (K)

    Courtney Petty (3rd) 

    Kelly Diana Morgan (1st)  

    Megan Hamilton (4th) 

    Kandi Biggs (2nd)

    Susannah Wilson (5th)

    • Let’s Talk-Technology
      • In addition to the school based Digital Learning Team, if you need further assistance, you can submit a Let’s Talk and choose the topic of Technology.
      • You can access this by going to the district page at www.wcschools.com , click on Contact Us, and then fill in the fields listing Technology as the area or by visiting WCS Let's Talk!


    • Buses will be sanitized daily.
    • Students are required to wear face coverings on the bus, and students will be seated in assigned seats.
    • The transportation department will oversee the daily sanitation of buses. 


    • Resources
    • First Day of School
      • 1st - 5th Grade Students 
        • Parents will be able to walk students to the front doors.  
          • Staff will be available throughout the building to guide students to their classrooms. 
          • For students not dropping off school supplies during our supply drop off week, staff will be available to assist students who need help with getting their school supplies to the classrooms.
    • Kindergarten Students
      • Kindergarten parents will be able to walk their children to a special entrance for phase-in week.  (Specifics regarding this entrance were sent out in a separate Blackboard message on Friday, July 17th).  
      • Kindergarten teachers will be available to greet you at this location and ensure they have accurate dismissal information as well as how the student will be eating lunch (buying, lunch box).  This will also be a good time to make them aware of anything they may need to be aware of prior to the start of their day.  
        • Kindergarten students will not receive their homeroom teacher until Monday, August 24th.
          • Parents will be notified by the end of the day on Friday, August 21st of their child’s homeroom teacher.
        • On Monday, August 24th, students will be dropped off at the doors to the right of our gymnasium (signage and staff will be available). Note: This will be different from the drop off location for their phase-in day.
          • The Kindergarten teachers will be stationed outside at this entrance to greet their homeroom students and meet their families.
          • The child will be escorted to the gym by their teacher where they will be greeted and supervised by Related Arts teachers.
      • We request that visitors to our campus that have business to conduct in our main office, registrar’s office, or any other location in our building, on student days, wear a mask.  
        • Appointments to meet with staff are strongly encouraged.  This includes when registering new students or needing to meet with administration or the school nurse.  
        • Parent meetings will be conducted virtually. This includes 504s, IEPs, and S-Teams. 
      • Additional information can be found on the district website.


    • Student Attendance Procedures during Hybrid and Remote Learning Days
    • In the Remote model, it is the expectation that students complete at least one of the following to be counted as present for the day:
      • Student submission/completion of an assignment in the online Learning Management System, Thrivist.
      • Student participation in a synchronous (live) learning session in an online classroom.
      • Student submission of work via hard-copy or virtual format.
      • Student-initiated phone calls, e-mails, and/or other digital communication with the teacher or responses to teacher email.
      • Completion of an online activity such as Achieve or Aleks.
      • Other evidence of participation as determined by the principal or designee.  
    • Tardies/Early Dismissals
      • Tardies - Students arriving after the 7:30 bell will have their temperature taken in the lobby and receive a slip to go to class.  Parents will buzz their child through the front door making the office staff aware of who is the responsible party for dropping the student off.
      • Early Dismissal - We request that the teacher or main office receives notification of a student needing to be picked up early (i.e. doctor appointment) prior to noon.  
        • The note must include the student name, homeroom teacher name, the full name of the adult that will be picking up the child, and the approximate time the child will need to be picked up.
        • This allows for the office to ensure that the individual’s name noted for pickup is listed in Skyward Family Access as someone that is permitted to pick up the child.  
        • Once arriving at the school, please park by the front door, and press the buzzer to correspond with the school secretary.  She will arrange for the child to be brought out to the vehicle where the ID of the person picking up the child will be confirmed.  This will limit the number of individuals entering our main office.  
        • All children who are being picked up from school early must be picked up no later than 1:30pm. 
      • If a child has a change in transportation for the day, these must be received by the office no later than 1:30pm. 

Academic Honor Code

Parent University

    • More information can be found on the district website’s Parent University page found by visitng WCS Parent University.