Health Protocols

  • Screenings:

    All students, employees, and visitors will have their temperature screened with an infrared thermometer when they enter the building each morning.

    • Students will be asked symptom questions at the beginning of their homeroom class.
    • Symptom awareness and hygiene routines will be taught through grade-level appropriate lessons the first week of school.
    • Students and staff with a temperature greater than 100.4° will be isolated with adult supervision and rechecked by our school nurse.
      • Those sent home with a temperature greater than 100.4° must be fever-free for 72 hours before returning to school. COVID 19 Symptoms
    • Teachers will virtually refer students to the nurse throughout the day to avoid groups at the clinic.

    Keeping GES Healthy


    • Students will enter the building through the bus and car rider entrances and will go directly to their classrooms after their temperature check.
    • Students opting to eat breakfast at school will get a grab-and-go breakfast from the cafeteria and take it to their classroom to eat.

    Staggered Dismissal

    • Bus riders will make sure their masks are on as they are dismissed one bus at a time for loading.
    • Car riders will be distanced and supervised throughout the hallways. They will be dismissed to the car rider exits when their names are called.

    Daily Precautions

    • Students will have assigned seats on the bus, in the cafeteria, and in classrooms.
    • Outside recess will consist of various stations to which a classroom will be assigned each day.
    • Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria or the classroom on a rotating basis to keep the cafeteria at half-capacity.
    • Students will have their own School Supplies (no communal crayons, markers, etc.).
    • We recommend that students bring their own bottle water to school each day.
    • There will be no visitors in the building beyond the office, no field trips, and no assemblies.

    Face Coverings in the School Building

    • It is our expectation that students and staff will wear face coverings while in the school building, and it is recommended that the adults model such behavior while interacting with others, both students and colleagues, while in the building. We recognize that wearing face coverings is one of the best ways to keep our children and adults protected at GES. Face coverings will be:
      • Optional for students and staff in areas where social distancing is feasible (Ex: Classrooms, less crowded hallways)
      • Strongly Encouraged in high-risk areas where social distancing is not feasible (Ex: Bus transitions, arrival, dismissal, crowded hallways, clinic/isolation areas, and, for teachers working within close proximity (within 6 feet) of others)
    • All face coverings must comply with our district’s dress code. We will have disposable masks available for students and faculty or they may wear their own.
    • Please help your child practice wearing a face covering at home so they are comfortable with wearing it at school.

    Face Coverings on the Bus

    • Face coverings will be required for students using District-provided transportation, including school buses.
    • Face coverings can be provided by the parent/guardian; if not, one will be provided.
    • Refusal to wear a face covering while using District-provided transportation will be considered a Category 1 offense and could result in the student’s suspension from the school bus.
    • Continued refusal may result in the student’s removal from transportation.


    • There will be a handwashing and desk-cleaning schedule. Hand Sanitizing Stations will available throughout the school.
    • Disinfectants and cleaners used will be from a district-approved list in an effort to avoid allergic reactions.
    • Teachers will facilitate disinfection of desks and other classroom furniture at the beginning and end of each class.
    • Should an item need to be reused (e.g. library books), these items will be cleaned before use by another student.
    • Our SMS cleaning service will continue to deep clean with special emphasis on common surfaces such as door handles, and cafeteria tables; they will use electrostatic sprayers to disinfect student and teacher desks each evening.

    When Sick…

    • Those with a temperature greater than 100.4° must be fever-free for 72 hours before returning to school.
      Notification will be sent if students have been exposed to a person who has tested positive for Covid-19. Notification will include students and staff in classes and shared spaces, including the bus. The positively identified COVID-19 person will follow directions from their health care provider. Notified individuals will be encouraged to watch for symptoms and/or seek medical advice while continuing with health precautions at school.
    • If a student is required to quarantine following direct contact with an individual who is confirmed to have contracted COVID-19, the parent/guardian or student should notify their school’s administrator. The District will work with the student to consider Homebound Services during the time of their quarantine if this quarantine period will exceed ten (10) school days.
    • Nursing / Illness & Medication Guidelines

    What To Do When for Parents


    • Notify the school
    • Follow orders of healthcare provider
      • Symptomatic = Quarantine a minimum of 10 calendar days from start of symptoms AND 3 days fever-free
      • Asymptomatic = Quarantine 10 calendar days from positive test date AND remain asymptomatic
    • Documentation needed for absences: documentation from the student's medical provider


    • Notify the school
    • Follow any applicable orders of healthcare provider
    • Quarantine a minimum of 10 calendar days from positive test date of close contact and monitor symptoms at home
    • Documentation needed for absences: documentation from the student or family member's medical provider

    Symptomatic = person is experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
    Asymptomatic = person is not experiencing any symptoms

Academic Instruction

  • Academics

    • Teachers will follow the Instructional Guides set by the district that pace the curriculum standards throughout the year.
    • During traditional, hybrid, remote, and virtual models, students will receive services and interventions appropriate to each child.
    • GES has an Academic Honor Code to be signed by students and parents to set learning expectations.
    • GES Academic Honor Code
    • Thrivist is an online learning platform that will be used by all core classes. Teachers will use Thrivist in the traditional, hybrid, and remote settings. Parents can also access Thrivist for resources in supporting their children’s learning.
    • Decisions to move between Traditional/ Hybrid/Remote will be determined by the culmination of data impacting a school, group of schools, or the entire district.
    • If the learning structure will change, the District or GES will notify families by Thursday evening about the following week’s plans.

    Traditional Learning:

    • All students attend (except those on Virtual Learning).
    • Doors will open at 7:00 am. The Instructional school day is from 7:30- 2:30.
    • Students rotate through classes (including Physical Education, Art, STEM, Music, Computer).
    • Small groups will meet for Intervention, ELL, SEEK, and Exceptional Education Services.
    • We will teach and encourage social distancing to the furthest extent possible.
    • Students will have assigned seats on the bus, in classrooms, and at lunch.
    • Recess will consist of several outdoor areas; the classroom will stay together at their station and rotate to a new station the next day. Hands will be cleaned before and after recess and lunch.
    • To keep the cafeteria at half-capacity, some classes will eat in the cafeteria with students sitting every other seat; the others will eat in their classrooms. Unfortunately, no visitors or volunteers will be allowed in the building including during lunch.

    Hybrid Learning:

    Decided by the Director of Schools in response to COVID-19 cases in our district

    • Students are divided according to their addresses into A Day and B Day students. Only half of the students will be in the building which will allow for easier social distancing (arrival, dismissal, hallways, lunch in the cafeteria/classrooms).
    • Parents will be able to find out their child’s A/B Day assignment in Skyward soon. Out of zone students may call the GES office for Day assignment.
    • Mondays: students learn from home on school-issued devices. Teachers will have meetings and digital office hours to help students and parents
    • Tuesday/Thursday: A Day students attend school
    • Wednesday/Friday: B Day students attend school
    • Students will stay in their classrooms with their core teacher for the majority of the day; related arts teachers and interventionists will teach Google Meet lessons through devices. Recess will still occur in small groups.
    • When in the school building, students will follow their traditional schedule. When home for school days, students will have a unique hybrid schedule for independent learning.
    • Students will have assigned seats on the bus, in classrooms, and at lunch.

    Remote Learning:

    • Students will participate in both self-paced (asynchronous) and live lessons (synchronous) at the direction of their teacher.
    • All synchronous (live) learning through the computer will be scheduled at a minimum of 2 days a week.
    • Each grade level will have a unique schedule that is similar to the schedule they have while in traditional and hybrid models.
    • When learning packets are needed, the drop off/pick up day will be Thursday.
    • Teachers will have daily office hours to field questions from families, assist individual or small groups based on student needs, call families, etc.
    • Students will be issued devices for use at home.
    • Remote Learning Suggestions
    • Wilson County Digital Resources For Families

    Virtual Learning

    • With this choice, students stay at home and are taught through digital means by a teacher determined by the district.
    • Students will stay virtual for the entire semester.
    • Families must meet guidelines such as a learning coach and broadband availability.


Social-Emotional Learning

  • SEL allows people to grow in the ability to:

    • Understand and manage emotions
    • Feel and show empathy for others
    • Establish and maintain positive relationships
    • Set goals and make responsible decisions

    Social-Emotional Learning at GES:

    • Gladeville Elementary faculty and staff understand that children must be supported in their academic learning and their social-emotional growth. We will continue to collaborate and apply mindfulness and self-regulation techniques.
    • At least two SEL weekly lessons for students
    • Counselor lessons using the Second Step Curriculum
    • Faculty training on July 28th and throughout the year
    • Check-in/Check-out system to stay in daily touch with at-risk students
    • Remote/Hybrid Schedule Welfare Team to reach out to students in need
    • Sanitary Peace Corners
    • Peace, Love, Gators Anti-Bullying Program
    • Monthly recognition of Gators of the Month, academic success for grades, Achieve 3000, Smarty Ants, ALEKS, and Accelerated Reading
    • The “Gator Way” teamwork recognition earned by the classroom cohort


    • Should the learning schedule need to change for the next week (between traditional, hybrid, and remote), families will be notified by Thursday evening. This allows for students to prepare, download lessons, and take home necessary items on Friday.
    • Lessons and resources will be available through the Thrivist application found on the students’ Classlink page.
    • GES Family emails and automatic phone calls from administration will be made for information and updates. The GES Website and Facebook page will be continually updated.
    • Virtual Open House Videos will emailed and posted on the GES Website.
    • Teachers will communicate weekly through emails, newsletters, Zoom meetings, or phone calls.
    • Gladeville Elementary School Website



    • Chromebooks will be assigned to all students.
    • Gladeville has a Digital Support Team to help with any Chromebook issues. Our Digital Technology Leader is Ms. Todd. Her contact information is
    • Families will have to complete the Acceptable Use Policy in Skyward and the Student Device Agreement before receiving a device Student Device Agreement 2020-2021
    • The district is also providing technology support through the Let’s Talk portal.


    • Visitors will be limited to the vestibule areas unless they are doing business on campus such as repairs or delivery. These workers will have a temperature and symptom check to be granted access to the building.
    • If an item needs to be brought to school for a child, it should be labeled with the child’s name and teacher name and placed on the designated table in the vestibule.
      • We respectfully request that parents limit the items they drop off to essential items only. We will not have the staff available to make daily lunch deliveries.
      • Staff will retrieve and distribute items once the visitor has exited the building.
    • Student Check-In/Check-Out
      • Parents signing their child in/out will be met by office staff in the vestibule and will show proper ID. Face coverings are highly recommended.
      • Parents will then wait on their child in the secure vestibule.
    • Meetings
      • All meetings will be held virtually using Google Meet and Docusign (i.e. IEP, 504, parent-teacher conferences, etc.)
    • Visitor Safe Health Procedures


    • Buses will be sanitized daily by the transportation department
    • For the Hybrid schedule, students will be assigned to A Days (Tues/Thurs) or B Days (Wed/Fri) according to the transportation routes
    • Students are required to wear face coverings on buses
    • Transportation Overview

    We are thankful for our bus drivers!

Parent University

  • Wilson County Schools will be providing training through Parent University for families on our Thrivist platform and the digital programs our students use to succeed starting the week of July 27th.
    We are all a team together supporting our kids!

We Appreciate Your Support!

  • Below is a list of items needed. If you would like to donate, please drop off items in the designated bin front of the school between 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.:

    • Any school supplies
    • Bottled Water
    • Non-latex Gloves
    • Paper Towels
    • Non-latex Bandaids
    • Electrical Tape
    • AAA Batteries for Infrared Thermometers
    • Tissues
    • Hand Sanitizer and Cleaners from District-approved List-TBD