Health and Safety Protocols

  • Screenings

    • Screenings will be conducted upon Arrival for both Students and Staff
      Temperature checks with touchless thermometers will be conducted by staff Greeting Team upon arrival. Any student with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be sent to a separate monitored location and referred to the school nurse for follow-up. Any staff member with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will notify an administrator to facilitate class coverage and will be isolated and referred to the school nurse for follow-up.
    • Symptom questionnaire will be conducted by classroom teacher. 
    • Those with symptoms will be referred to the school nurse for follow-up
    • Symptom Awareness and Hand Washing Routine lessons taught by each teacher

    Risk Mitigation

    • Reduce number of people in common areas
      • Students will go straight to their classrooms upon arrival.
    • Spread out and utilize spaces at lunch and recess
      • Tables will be assigned in cafeteria
      • Recess areas will be assigned by class
    • Virtual clinic referrals will be used by classroom teachers
    • Clean desks between class changes
      • Teachers will facilitate cleaning and sanitation
    • Students will use their own personal supplies instead of sharing supplies in the classroom. Student supplies brought to school should be labeled with student names. Any type of small group supplies will be individuals or sanitized after each use.
    • Hygiene routines for staff and students:
    • Face Coverings
      Students are encouraged to wear face coverings in school building
      Students will be required to wear them on school buses
      Staff will be required to wear when in the building
    • Water fountains will be available to refill bottles or cups. Students and staff will not be able to drink straight from the water fountain.
    • Students will have assigned seats in the classroom and on buses
    • Student contacts will be tracked based upon assigned areas
    • No field trips or school-wide assemblies

    Staying Home when Appropriate


Social-Emotional Supports

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) meetings are incorporated within each classroom schedule. A calendar of SEL topics and activities will be utilized as a school, so we are all working toward the SEL goals as a school community. We will include each week’s SEL goal into our parent newsletters. Lessons from Second Step, our SEL curriculum, will be taught during SEL classes with our school counselor to build community within classrooms and promote students' social and emotional development. Staff will create an emotionally and physically safe, supportive, and engaging learning environment that promotes all students’ success.

    Our School Counselor, Mrs. Rozzell, may be contacted at or by calling the school at 615-773-9630.

Academic Instruction

  • Traditional Learning Schedule

    Within the traditional learning schedule, all classroom schedules will be followed as in a normal school year with a focus on sanitizing surfaces and supplies, social distancing when appropriate, hand washing and other healthy habits among students and staff. Shared spaces such as the cafeteria and playground will be utilized at a reduced capacity with sanitation practices in place.

    Hybrid Learning Schedule

    Within the hybrid learning schedule, students will be divided into two cohorts or groups. Students in Cohort A will attend school on Tuesday and Thursday of each week while students in Cohort B will attend school Wednesday and Friday of each week. Students will be given assignments and activities to complete on the days they are not in the physical school building. Mondays will be a remote learning day for all students. Siblings will be grouped with their family to attend school on the same cohort days. Cohorts are divided by last names with the oldest sibling's last name determining A or B day. Transportation will still be available for these days. Students will be provided with a detailed schedule for their learning days on a Hybrid Learning Schedule should the district make the decision to transition into this model. Staff will be on site Monday-Friday each week and will be available via email.
    Schedules for in person learning days will be modified to provide social distancing throughout the building including the cafeteria and playground. There will continue to be a focus on sanitizing surfaces and supplies, social distancing when appropriate, hand washing and other healthy habits among students and staff.

    Remote Learning Schedule

    In the event that EPE or Wilson County Schools must close our school facilities due to COVID-19, learning will still continue on a remote schedule. You may access EPE’s draft copy of Remote Learning Schedule. Teachers will send weekly newsletters through email to give details regarding learning links for the week. Teachers will also have office hours when they can be contacted via email, phone, or open Google meet. Office hours will be offered Monday-Friday from 1:30-2:30 and a grade level representative may be contacted from 6:00-7:00 pm Monday-Friday.

    Students will be provided with a school issued Chromebook that will be assigned to each student. Students in grades 3-5 will receive Chromebooks at the beginning of the school year while K-2 will be receiving their Chromebooks after Fall Break. All learning activities can be completed online through ClassLink for grades K-5. All students will access Thrivist through ClassLink in order to receive class-specific instructions for online learning tasks.

    If you do not have access to the internet, we will be providing paper learning packets to families for the students to complete while at home, along with frequent phone calls- either to the students directly or to their parents. The EPE parking lot will also serve as an internet access point for families who need to access the internet.


    Within the hybrid learning schedule, students will receive and return their home packets on their scheduled in-school learning days each week.
    If in the remote learning schedule, those without internet service will be able to receive and return their learning packets and other learning materials such as library books each Thursday from 7am to 4pm. Library books may be requested through the Destiny application on ClassLink and picked up on Thursday from 7am to 4 pm. If an alternate day is needed for drop off or pick up of items, the parent must call the school office at 615-773-9630 to make an appointment.

    Please note that assignments completed on Chromebooks will be turned in virtually and parents will not need to come to school to drop off or pick up these assignments.

    Additional Resources

    Virtual Learning

    Wilson County Schools is providing parents the option to enroll their child in a full-time, virtual learning environment for the first semester of the 2020-21 school year. Visit Virtual Learning Registration 2020-2021 for information on expectations, course offerings, special education considerations, and other considering factors.

Technology Support

    • Students will be assigned a Chromebook to use for remote learning days.
    • Tech Support
    • Let’s Talk- District Technology
      • To pose a question in Let’s Talk, visit the Wilson County Schools homepage.  Under the Departments tab, select Technology. The Let’s Talk icon is listed on the right side of the screen.
    • Students must follow the Acceptable Use Policy when using technology provided by the school on any learning schedule. Please review this policy with your child. Both forms must be completed in order for a student to receive a device.


  • This link will be updated when transportation provides more details for the 2020-2021 school year.

    • Visitor Safe Health Procedures
    • To reduce the risk of sickness to our students, visitors will not be allowed in classrooms, the cafeteria, or other areas of the school building unless they are providing a contracted service approved by the district or school. Parents who are picking up or dropping off their child will be asked to conduct a symptom check before entering the building and wear a mask upon entering the building. Parents may only go as far as the office front counter.
    • For parents who are bringing items for their child, you will be asked to leave the items in the labeled bin in our front vestibule. The office staff will then retrieve the item and get it to your child.
    • If you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you refrain from coming to our school as the safety and health of our students and staff are our top priority.
    • A Virtual Video Tour of our school facilities will be posted on our school website prior to the beginning of the school year. We will also host Virtual Open Houses where you will be able to meet your child’s teacher and learn about first week procedures.
  • Attendance will be taken each day on all of the learning schedules. Attendance on the Traditional Learning Schedule will be taken as normal. Please see the district's Student Handbook 2020-2021 for guidelines on attendance in these learning schedules.

    Students and employees should not come to school/work when not feeling well. If an individual has a fever of 100.4, he/she is required to stay home for 72 hours or until fever free.

    If the school nurse sends a student home with a fever, the absences will automatically be excused and a student will not have to bring in a note. If the fever persists after the 72 hours, he/she will be required to bring in a doctor’s note for the absences to be excused.

    If a student has been diagnosed with COVID-19, the parent/guardian should contact the school principal. Students may return to school after completing the quarantine guidelines and the following criteria is met:

    1. A minimum of 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery (no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications).
    2. Respiratory symptoms have improved (cough, shortness of breath, etc.)

EPE Academic Honor Code

  • Expectations for behavior in hybrid/remote settings:

    • Students are expected to logon during scheduled instruction times.
    • Students will be ready with materials needed and actively participate during the entire scheduled instruction time.
    • The chat feature must only be used to ask or answer questions posed by the teacher.
    • Students will complete the assigned work without unfair assistance in the timeline expected by the teacher.
    • Signature page
  • The district has created a website, KIDS: Ready. Set. Reconnect, that will serve as a centralized location for parents to obtain important information and training regarding the different learning schedules and how to support your students at home.

Contact Information