Health and Safety Protocols

  • Arrival Procedures

    • Doors will open at 8:15am.
    • Drop-Off
      • MJMS Campus (6th Grade):  Buses will drop students off in the lower bus lot. MJMS students will enter on one side of the gym, and WWMS students will enter on the other. 
      • GHHS Campus (7th/8th Grade):  Buses will drop students off at the commons doors. MJMS students will enter on one side, and GHHS will enter on the other.
    • Car Riders
      • MJMS Campus (6th Grade): Car riders will be dropped off in the back of the building and enter the gym in the same location as bus riders.
      • GHHS Campus (7th/8th Grade):  Car riders will be dropped off in the back of the building.
    • After students enter, they will get in one of multiple lines to have a temperature check. They will then proceed directly to class if they do not have a fever.
    • Students who want to purchase breakfast will pick that up in the cafeteria and take it to class.
    • If a student has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, he/she will be escorted to the back of the theater to be checked by the nurse.
    • In class, the day will begin with morning procedures, including the moment of silence, pledge, announcements, and symptom check. Any student with symptoms will be separated in class until the nurse can see him/her.
    • If a student signs in late, he/she will be checked for fever and for symptoms before going to class.

    Risk Mitigation

    • Students go straight to class to minimize contact with the large body of students.
    • We will not issue lockers, so that reduces the need for hallway interactions and contamination of surfaces.
    • Dismissals will be staggered.
    • Cafeteria
      • MJMS Campus (6th Grade):  When the weather is appropriate, outdoor seating will be available during lunch to help with spacing. In the cafeteria, students will be seated by class in assigned seats.
      • GHHS Campus (7th/8th Grade):  Some cafeteria seating will be moved into the commons area to help with spacing. Students will be seated by class in assigned seats.
    • Students will have assigned seating in the classrooms, and all desks will face the same direction.
    • Teachers will facilitate desk and surface cleaning at the end of each class.
      • Sanitizer bottles and spray will be provided for teachers.
      • Parents are requested to purchase and send paper towels.
    • Students will be encouraged to wash and/or sanitize their hands frequently throughout the day.
    • Only district-approved, non-scented cleaners will be used.
    • Parents are requested to provide basic supplies that have often been shared in the past: colored pencils, calculator, scissors, etc.
    • If students do need to borrow supplies, they will be wiped down by the student before returning them at the end of class.
    • Signage about hygiene, COVID-19 symptoms, and hand-washing procedures will be posted throughout the building.
    • District policies regarding face coverings will be followed.
    • All state and local guidelines will be followed for sports and other activities.
    • When a student feels ill during the school day, the teacher will submit a virtual referral to the nurse and will separate the student until he/she can be seen.
    • Buildings will be cleaned by the custodial staff throughout the day and will be thoroughly cleaned each evening.
    • In most cases, visitors will be limited to the school’s vestibule.
    • Visitors who require entering the building will have their temperature checked and be screened for symptoms.
    • A bin will be placed in the vestibule for items that need to be dropped off.
      • MJMS Campus (6th Grade):  To minimize exposure, parents will not be permitted to wait in the office when signing their student out of school.
      • GHHS Campus (7th/8th Grade):  To minimize exposure, parents will not be permitted to wait in the office when signing their student out of school. Other than bin drop off, all parent business will be conducted through the attendance office in the commons area.
    • We will not have any field trips or assemblies until further notice.
    • Leadership teams will continually revisit protocols and make adjustments as needed.

    Health & Safety

    Hygiene and Respiratory Etiquette

    Staying Home when Appropriate

    Face Coverings

    Our expectation is that students and staff will wear face coverings while in the school building, and it is recommended that the adults model such behavior while interacting with others, both students and colleagues, while in the building.

    • Required on district-provided transportation, including school buses.
    • Strongly Encouraged in high-risk areas where social distancing is not feasible (EX: Bus transitions, arrival, dismissal, crowded hallways, clinic/isolation areas, and for teachers working within close proximity (within 6 feet) of others)..
    • Optional for students and staff in areas where social distance is feasible (EX: Classrooms, less crowded hallways).

Social-Emotional Supports

  • Expectations for All Schools

    Relationship building is a top priority as we reopen schools: relationships among faculty/staff, relationships between faculty members and students, and relationships with families.

    MJMS will be purchasing the Character Strong curriculum to provide character education and social-emotional learning activities to students. At least one SEL lesson or activity will be provided to students per week. 

    Parents and students can seek social-emotional support and  guidance from school counselors.

    Parents can also request for their child to meet with a STARS Counselor. More information can be given about STARS from their grade-level counselor.

  • Traditional Schedule

    MJMS Campus (6th Grade)

    8:15 – 8:45, Arrival and temperature checks

    8:45-9:45, 1st block Core

    9:50-10:50, 2nd block Core

    10:55-12:00, 3rd block Core

    12:05-1:30, 4th block FOCUS and Lunch

    Lunch 12:05-12:30

    • FOCUS 12:35-1:30
    • 1:35-2:35, 5th block Exploratory

    2:40-3:45, 6th block Core

    GHHS Campus (7th/8th Grade)

    8:15 – 8:45, Arrival and temperature checks

    8:45 - 9:45, 1st block Core (8th grade exploratory)

    9:50 - 10:50, 2nd block Core (7th grade exploratory)

    10:55 - 12:25, 3rd block FOCUS and Lunch

    • 7th: Lunch 10:55 - 11:20; FOCUS 11:25 - 12:25
    • 8th: Lunch 11:20 - 11:45; FOCUS 10:55 - 11:15, 11:50-12:25

    12:30 - 1:30, 4th  block Core

    1:35 - 2:35, 5th block Core

    2:40 - 3:45, 6th block Core


    Cohort Hybrid and Remote Schedule

    MJMS Campus (6th Grade)

    8:15 – 8:45, Arrival and temperature checks

    8:45-9:30, 4th block FOCUS

    9:35-10:35, 1st block Core

    10:40-11:40, 2nd block Core

    11:45 - 1:15, 3rd block Core and lunch*

    1:20-2:20, 5th block Exploratory

    2:25-3:25, 6th block Core

    3:25 - 3:45, Office Hours

    *Lunch times will vary by teacher; this information will be communicated

    GHHS Campus (7th/8th Grade)

    8:15 – 8:45, Arrival and temperature checks

    8:45 - 9:30, 3rd block FOCUS

    9:35 - 10:35, 1st block (Core for 7th, Exploratory for 8th)

    10:40 - 11:40, 2nd block (Core for 8th, Exploratory for 7th)

    11:45 - 1:15, 4th block Core

    1:20 - 2:20, 5th block Core

    2:25 - 3:25, 6th block Core

    3:25 - 3:45, Office Hours

    *Lunch times will vary by teacher; this information will be communicated

    Teacher Office Hours

    On cohort hybrid and remote days, teacher office hours will be from 3:25-3:45 pm. On days when asynchronous learning is taking place, teachers will hold additional office hours during their scheduled class time.

    Remote Learning Packets

    Parents should contact their child’s school counselor if they don’t have access to technology and need remote learning packets. The counselor will coordinate pick up and drop off of packets.

    Cohort Hybrid and Remote Instruction

    Students will have a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences on both hybrid and remote days. We are planning for synchronous instruction on Tuesday and Fridays, with asynchronous lessons on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.


Athletic Protocols

    • District precautions will align with TSSAA guidance and Executive Orders from the Governor.
    • Athletes and coaches will be screened before all team activities.  Participants with a fever or symptoms will be sent home and referred to a healthcare provider.
    • If a participant tests positive for Covid-19, that participant will be excluded from team activities for 14 days.  This 14-day exclusion will be extended to the rest of the participant’s group during pre-season and off-season activities.
    • Common equipment will be sanitized regularly, hygiene will be encouraged, and water bottles will not be shared.
    • Social distancing will be practiced as much as possible.
    • Locker rooms will only be used on days that students were on campus for instruction.
    • The locker room will be sanitized each evening after being used.
    • Ticket booths and concession stands will protect workers with plexiglass or curtain barriers.

Technology Support



    • Visitor Safe Health Procedures 
    • In general, visitors will not be allowed in the building.  In the event that a visitor does require entry at the MJMS campus, he/she must enter through the main office and be signed in through the Raptor system. At the GHHS campus, all parent business will take place through the attendance office in the commons area.


    • Information regarding the WCS attendance policy is included in the Student Handbook 2020-2021.
    • On hybrid/remote days, students must participate in meaningful student engagement or interaction in order to be counted present for each class.
      • Student submission of an assignment;
      • Student completion of an online assessment;
      • Student participation in learning in an online classroom;
      • Student submittal of work via hard-copy or virtual formats;
      • Student-initiated phone call, email, and/or digital communication or responses to teacher email.

Academic Honor Code

  • Academic Dishonesty

    Academic dishonesty is defined as plagiarism, cheating on tests, copying assignments or papers, placing parent/teacher signature on a document. Possible consequences for academic dishonesty may include the following:

    • In-school conference with student 
    • Detention or other extended school time options 
    • Parent/Guardian conference 
    • Removal from classroom 
    • Restitution from lost, damaged, or stolen property 
    • Restriction of attendance at school-sponsored activities 
    • In-school suspension (1-5 days)


    Expectations for behavior in hybrid/remote settings will be conveyed in the first week of school:

    • Group chats
    • Expectations while teachers are instructing
    • Cheating
    • Daily participation
    • Dress code

    Parents and students are required to complete the signature page of the 2020-2021 Student Handbook (page 47). Please turn these into your child’s FOCUS teacher.

Parent University

Important Contacts

Additional Information

    • Communication from MJMS will come from these locations:
      • MJMS school website
      • Skyward messaging (Please make sure your contact information, including both email and phone number, is correct.)
      • Remind app. Join MJMS Remind or text @wearemjms to 81010
      • School Facebook and Instagram pages
    • We will be sending out a virtual open house before August 3rd.
    • We will be sending out information about the traffic pattern at both the MJMS campus and the GHHS campus.
    • We have two important forms that we want to emphasize