• Our goal in the VLA is to strive to build relationships with our students and provide them with additional activities, aside from the academic courses we offer.

    Students will have the opportunity to participate in a club of their choice every nine weeks. Our VLA clubs meet each Wednesday from 1:15-2:00 p.m.

    Students have the option to remain in the same club every nine weeks, or rotate to a different one, which means students potentially have the option to participate in 4 different clubs throughout the school year.

    We hope this is a fun way to offer students the opportunity to participate in activities they are interested in, aside from their academic courses. 

  • Photography Club

    Sponsor: Mrs. Upshur

    Students will learn about the basics of photography. We will cover things like aperture, shutter speed, basic composition, printing methods, and more! Students will need to have a cell phone with a camera or an actual camera, unless they would like to participate without completing the activities. 

    DIY projects / Crafting

    Sponsor: Mrs. Otis

    Have a creative side?  Join us for club time to work on projects that range from group to individual projects that personally appeal to you.  Share ideas and techniques with others as well as learn new skills.  Make seasonal themed projects as well as your choice of project.  Projects can be small or large. Some examples we have done in the past are paintings, friendship rocks, DIY mason jars, puzzles, legos, crochet, paper crafts, sewing,  reverse tie dye, flower impressions...   The possibilities are open!  

    Trivia Club

    Sponsor: Mrs. Hale

    Students will compete against each other using Kahoot! games to show their knowledge of various topics. Students will vote on topics for the trivia Kahoot! games. Topics can range from geography, brand logos, or Disney trivia.

    Digital Graphic Design

    Sponsor: Mrs. Stewart 

    We will be designing social media posts in Canva for BTA to use on Facebook and Instagram in order to grow the VLA program. 

    Creative Writing

    Sponsor: Mrs. Miller

    Students will participate in writing activities following the writing process.  Students will share their writings with their peers. 

    Pets and Wildlife Club (PAW)

    Sponsor: Mrs. Kirkwood

    The PAW (Pets and Wildlife) Club will give students the opportunity to share their love for animals through supporting animal rescue efforts, promoting responsible pet ownership, and learning about animal welfare. We will plan ways to support local shelters, share how to care for our pets, learn how to make enrichment items such as toys and treats, and help animals out in any way we can. 

    Book Club

    Sponsor: Mrs. Rommel

    "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who never reads only lives one."  If you love to read, you need to join this club!  We will choose a book each 9 weeks to read together and discuss. We will focus on young adult, contemporary fiction.  

    Drawing Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Brian

    Students decide by voting on a drawing tutorial video for the day. Students then follow along by creating their drawing using paper and pencil or digitally with a drawing table.

    Journaling Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Eichelberger 

    The Journaling Club is a safe and revered space. An invitation to gather and support each other as we seek our authentic voices. We will examine our memories, experiences, stories, and goals as we unleash our personal truths through the power of our mighty pens! Come join us as we put pen to paper!  

    Film Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Futrell

    Do you love movies? Do you hate to miss the trailers every time you visit the theater? Film Club is an opportunity to discuss all your favorite films with your peers. We'll talk about anything from directors to cinematography to which sequels should have never been made!  Join us for Film Club every Wednesday!

    Harry Potter Club

    Sponsor: Mrs. Carpenter

    Inspired by J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, students will have the opportunity to compete with classmates in a race for the Hogwarts House Cup. Students will be paired within their Hogwarts houses based on their strengths and values and will compete every week in virtual competitions inspired by Rowling's novels. 

    Online Gaming Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Humphreys

    Students will get to choose between various games to play with their peers, such as: fortnite, super smash bros, online chess, and potentially more games.

    Outdoor Adventure Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Sharpe

    A club to discuss places in Middle Tennessee to go for outdoor adventures.  This will include hiking, kayaking, biking, scenic drives, waterfalls, and places to go visit.  Students in this club will gain knowledge of local areas to go to participate in outdoor adventures. 

    Cooking Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Udulutch

    We will learn some basic cooking techniques, learn how to read recipes, how to make your favorite dishes, and learn about dishes from around the world.