Pre-Kindergarten Program Overview

  • The goal of the Wilson County Schools Voluntary Pre-K Program is to provide 4-year old children with the learning experiences they need in order to help them succeed in Kindergarten.The Pre-K Program prepares children for school by providing an opportunity for them to develop school readiness skills in an environment that fosters the love and joy of learning.Participation in the Pre-K Program helps children develop pre-academic and social skills that will help them in their educational career.

Pre-K Teacher Spotlight


    Lori Smith

    Lori Smith:  
    W.A. Wright Elementary School

    Favorite Subject in School:

    My favorite subject in school was always math. I like how procedural the steps were from basic math through calculus.  Always a concrete answer even if you worked it out 3 different ways.


    Bring dull academic concepts to life with visual and practical learning experiences, helping your students to understand how their schooling applies in the real-world.

    Inquiry-based Instruction:

    Pose thought-provoking questions which inspire your students to think for themselves and become more independent learners. Encouraging students to ask questions and investigate their own ideas helps improve their problem-solving skills as well as gain a deeper understanding of academic concepts. Both of which are important life skills.


    Kelly Redden

    Kelly Redden: 
    W.A. Wright Elementary School

    Favorite Subject in School:

    My favorite subject in school was Math.  I love the rules and routine of solving equations and the critical thinking of diving into a word problem to decipher the code of finding the answer! 

    Clasroom Strategy:

    What would I do without music?!? I rely on it to welcome children to the rug, signal transitions, help students wait out a delay, and reinforce basics such as letter sounds, rhyming and counting. It’s safe to say that music brightens my classroom dynamics! We begin our days with a welcome song to greet each child in the morning. Music sets a mood and defines a tone during many key moments of the day.  Singing together deepens children’s sense of community.  I believe when singing and moving occupy a place in the classroom, children build a repertoire of songs and find confidence in singing them over and over and over again, adding new lyrics and owning them.  Research shows how music helps young children build powerful thought networks that fortify their learning in areas as varied as language processing, visual perception, memory, mathematics, and, of course, creative expression. “Music molds the mind,” writes Dr. Susan Barry, professor of neurobiology at Mount Holyoke College, referring to early childhood when children are most receptive to music’s benefits. “Making music actively engages the brain’s synapses. As young children participate in music-based activities, their muscles, senses, and intellect are engaged simultaneously; they are exercising their brains in ways they rarely do. Long-term musical training actually re-organizes the brain.”


It Looks Like Play, But We are Learning

    • to work together 
    • to respect the rights of others
    • to express ourselves creatively
    • to grow in self-control
    • to grow from dependence to independence
    • to listen to directions an follow them
    • to develop good work habits
    • to finish what we start
    • that school can be a great place to be
    • to clean up after work or playtime
    • to participate in group activities
    • to share with our friends
    • to develop an interest in books and literature
    • to explore the world around us
    • to improve coordination and strength
    • to understand new words and to use them
    • to celebrate our success and the success of others
    • to BE HAPPY

Questions for Pre-K Program?


    Contact Pre-K Program Link


    615-547-7751, Ext. 2032

Community Partnerships

  • The Wilson County Pre-K Program is a proud community partner with the following agencies:

    Kiwanis Club of Mt. Juliet

    Members read to students weekly.