Pre-Kindergarten Program Overview

  • The goal of the Wilson County Schools Voluntary Pre-K Program is to provide 4-year old children with the learning experiences they need in order to help them succeed in Kindergarten.The Pre-K Program prepares children for school by providing an opportunity for them to develop school readiness skills in an environment that fosters the love and joy of learning.Participation in the Pre-K Program helps children develop pre-academic and social skills that will help them in their educational career.

Pre-K Teacher Spotlight

  • Allison Croenne

    Allison Croenne:  
    Southside School

    Favorite Subject in School:

    I’ve always loved math. Math continues to build on everything you learn. It can be challenging sometimes, but being able to break math concepts down has, for some reason, always been fun to me.

    Pre-K Classroom Strategies:

    Building relationships with my students are key! Whenever I know what they are interested in and what they like to play with, I can integrate that into lessons and activities. This makes them way more engaged and excited about learning!



    Candace Brader

    Candace Brader: 
    Stoner Creek Elementary School

    Growing up I enjoyed writing stories. Writing is such a great way to be creative.  In my class we journal a lot. I love giving my students the opportunity to share their experiences and how they are feeling through writing. My students start by drawing pictures. By the end of the year they’re dictating their own sentences by writing the beginning letter of each word. My students are always so proud of their kid writing! Through student journals I teach my students the early stages of writing. In my class we work as a team. I work hard each day to create a classroom environment that is fun, loving, and educational.

It Looks Like Play, But We are Learning

    • to work together 
    • to respect the rights of others
    • to express ourselves creatively
    • to grow in self-control
    • to grow from dependence to independence
    • to listen to directions an follow them
    • to develop good work habits
    • to finish what we start
    • that school can be a great place to be
    • to clean up after work or playtime
    • to participate in group activities
    • to share with our friends
    • to develop an interest in books and literature
    • to explore the world around us
    • to improve coordination and strength
    • to understand new words and to use them
    • to celebrate our success and the success of others
    • to BE HAPPY

Questions for Pre-K Program?


    Contact Pre-K Program Link


    615-547-7751, Ext. 2032

Community Partnerships

  • The Wilson County Pre-K Program is a proud community partner with the following agencies:

    Kiwanis Club of Mt. Juliet

    Members read to students weekly.