Pre-Kindergarten Program Overview

  • The goal of the Wilson County Schools Voluntary Pre-K Program is to provide 4-year old children with the learning experiences they need in order to help them succeed in Kindergarten.The Pre-K Program prepares children for school by providing an opportunity for them to develop school readiness skills in an environment that fosters the love and joy of learning.Participation in the Pre-K Program helps children develop pre-academic and social skills that will help them in their educational career.

Pre-K Teacher Spotlight

  • Susan Long

    Susan Long:  Elzie D. Patton Elementary 

    Favorite Subject in School:

    Language Art... because I love to read and I am a grammar nerd.

    Pre-K Classroom Strategies:

    I love all of the pigeon books by Mo Willems.  My kiddos always love it too, so I try to do any activities I can with this silly pigeon!

    I love simple, so a very simple game I play is Counting With Pigeon.  All you need to do is print a copy (like a coloring page) of the pigeon.  You can color it or let the students color it.

    To play the game, you will need cubes and the pigeon picture.  Children will drop a handful of cubes on the Pigeon.  They will count how many cubes landed on the Pigeon and how many cubes are off.  Compare to see which is more: on or off?  Which is less?  If we add all cubes together, what does that make?  What if we took the cubes that landed off the pigeon away?  Then how many would there be?


    Amanda Sanders

    Amanda Sanders:  Carroll-Oakland Elementary School

    Favorite Subject in School:

    Math - Numbers make sense to me.  There are not as many rules and formulas never change!

    Pre-K Classroom Strategies:

    My favorite time of day with my students is during our Morning Meeting!  It's the first thing we do each morning.  This time consists of three activities:  a greeting, discussion, and a game.  We focus on building trust and a sense of community.  We build social skills, emotional regulation, and practice new academic skills.  Having this time, first thing in the morning, separates home from school and stimulates their minds for the day ahead.

It Looks Like Play, But We are Learning

    • to work together 
    • to respect the rights of others
    • to express ourselves creatively
    • to grow in self-control
    • to grow from dependence to independence
    • to listen to directions an follow them
    • to develop good work habits
    • to finish what we start
    • that school can be a great place to be
    • to clean up after work or playtime
    • to participate in group activities
    • to share with our friends
    • to develop an interest in books and literature
    • to explore the world around us
    • to improve coordination and strength
    • to understand new words and to use them
    • to celebrate our success and the success of others
    • to BE HAPPY

Questions for Pre-K Program?


    Contact Pre-K Program Link


    615-547-7751, Ext. 2032

Community Partnerships

  • The Wilson County Pre-K Program is a proud community partner with the following agencies:

    Kiwanis Club of Mt. Juliet

    Members read to students weekly.