Daily Afternoon Bus Report

  • Daily Afternoon Bus Report Overview

    • The Daily Bus Report contains cancelled afternoon routes or routes that will be replaced by another bus to assist parents with planning accordingly.
    • The focus of this information is to provide enhanced notification for afternoon routes that may be downed due to staffing.
    • Notifications of any changes or cancellations via call/email for morning and afternoon routes will continue to be made.
    • This information will be posted daily by approximately 2:00 p.m.

    April 19, 2021

    The following are bus changes for the afternoon routes:

    Carroll Oakland:


    Elzie Patton Elementary:

    2990 will be replaced with 1211 & 1764


    Gladeville Elementary:

    2678 will not be running             DOWNED ROUTE


    Gladeville Middle:

    2678 will not be running             DOWNED ROUTE


    Green Hill High School:

    1547 will not be running             DOWNED ROUTE

    1990 will be replaced with 2663

    2993 will not be running             DOWNED ROUTE


    MJM1106 will be replaced with 1760 – 1989 – 1997 – 1986

    MJM2780 will be replaced with 1543 & 1876


    Lakeview Elementary:

    1990 will be replaced with 2663


    Lebanon High School:

    2664 will be replaced with 2677


    Mt. Juliet Elementary:

    2780 will be replaced with 1545


    Mt. Juliet High:

    1109 will be replaced with 1547

    1765 will need to be held             PLEASE HOLD 10 MINUTES

    2561 will be replaced with 2663 (Willow Creek only)

    2561 will be replaced with 1985 (everything else)


    WWM2990 will be replaced with 1767   PLEASE HOLD 30 MINUTES  


    Mt. Juliet Middle:

    1106 will be replaced with 1997  (GHH shuttle to 1760 – 1989 – 1997 – 1986)

    2780 will be replaced with 1543 & 1876


    Rutland Elementary:




    Springdale Elementary:

    1109 will be loaded with 1547


    Stoner Creek Elementary:

    2561 will be replaced with 1765    PLEASE HOLD 30 MINUTES


    Tuckers Crossroads:

    2007 will be replaced with 0556


    WA Wright:

    1106 will be loaded with 1107

    2993 will not be running              DOWNED ROUTE



    2671 will be replaced with 2783

    2992 will not be running       DOWNED ROUTE


    West Elementary:


    West Wilson Middle:

    2990 will be replaced with 1767    PLEASE HOLD 30 MINUTES  


    Wilson Central High:

    2007 will be replaced with 0556


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    It is the mission of the Transportation Department to provide safe and efficient transportation to students from home to school and back and for special activities.


    One of the largest support services in the district, the Wilson County Schools Transportation Department transports approximately 10,310 students every morning and afternoon, including 235 special needs students. School buses service 20 county schools each day. The district provides transportation for all students to their school of attendance except for students who are out of zone and/or attend MAP Academy.

    To be successful at transporting Wilson County’s Future 181 school buses are utilized. These buses travel approximately 2 million miles annually including field trips. Each year, the school bus fleet is inspected by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security to ensure a high standard of safety for our students and the bus drivers. We are very proud to consistently receive a high rating due to our extensive maintenance program. Our Technicians are ASE certified and the service department achieved the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Award in 2016. We are proud to report that our reputation for safety is one of the best in the region.

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