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    September 10   4:15-7:15  PM

    February 11     4:15-7:15  PM

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    6th Grade Night  July 30   3:30-5:30

    7th-8th Grade Night July 31  3:00-5:00

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    Wilson County Schools is presenting a 2019 Story Maker Camp for all incoming 6th-8th grade Wilson County students.

    This immersive learning experience teaches students how to write, develop, storyboard, direct, perform, and edit powerful animated stories that can be shared with the world.

    Camp Literacy and Technology Skills:

    • Write a Wizard of Oz script
    • Write monologue
    • Record, animate, and produce monologue
    • Assess and share constructive feedback
    • Produce dialogue between characters
    • Utilize multiple cameras to add feeling and interest to dialogue
    • Produce a scene from the WonderGrove Wizard of Oz

    Need more information on Story Maker?  Visit the Wonder Grove Story Maker website!

    Questions?  Contact Brandon Cook at

    StoryMaker MJMS


    July 8-12, 2019

    Mt. Juliet Middle School
    8:00 a.m. - Noon
    Cost $150
    Mt. Juliet Middle School Story Maker Registration Form








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  • Click the button below to access WWMS Online School Payment Option.

    Online School Payment Button

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  • Exploratory Class Survey for 2019-20 WWMS Students

    Please make sure to fill out the following surveys for each of your students regarding exploratory classes for the 2019-2020 school year.

    6th Grade Exploratory Survey

    7th Grade Exploratory Survey

    8th Grade Exploratory Survey

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  • WWMS Registration Information for students new to Wilson County Schools: 

    Click here to get more information about enrollment and registration for students new to Wilson County Schools.  Once you have completed and submitted the online application, please call Beth Minor at 615-758-5152 to make an appointment.

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  • WWMS Athletic Tryout Dates for 2019-2020

    Click here to access the 2019-2020 athletic tryout dates.

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  • Welcome Letter to parents of students transitioning from MJMS to WWMS:



    I want to take an opportunity to welcome you and get some preliminary information out to you
    about West Wilson Middle School. I am sure this is an uneasy time as change can bring about
    uncertainties, but change can also be exciting and I hope this is one of those instances.
    I am currently in my first year as Principal at West Wilson Middle School. As the school principal, it
    is my desire to bridge the gap between the elementary and high school years in a manner that
    enhances both your child’s education and motivation. Middle School can be quite challenging for
    both parents and students. With your support, we can leverage your student’s strengths, passions, and
    energy to make their time in middle school the catalyst that drives them to successfully achieve
    their dreams.

    The phrase “Assume Positive Intentions” has been our Moto for this school year. With new
    leadership can come new expectations and policies, and I want parents and students to know that
    my sole focus is to enhance the educational experience of our students. I know that as a parent you
    seek nothing but the very best for your child, and we as educators want nothing more than to aid
    you in developing not only their intelligence but also their integrity. We are in this together, as a
    team, and we will be a great team.

    The faculty and staff at West Wilson have worked hard to build a top-notch academic program.
    West Wilson Middle School is a TN Department of Education “Reward School” for academic
    achievement and growth. Our exploratory offerings include Drama, Computer, Journalism, P.E.,
    Strength & Conditioning, Agriscience, Health Science, STEM, Spanish, Theatre, Band, Art, & Choir.
    We have Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, Wrestling, Baseball, Cross-country, Track,
    Softball, Bowling, and Tennis programs, along with numerous clubs for students to get involved in
    school activities.

    I would like the opportunity to speak with you more about my vision for West Wilson, and in
    particular how we can work together to continue to make West Wilson outstanding. As the new year
    unfolds we will be scheduling meetings with parents and students to welcome you to West Wilson
    Middle School. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.

    Kevin Dawson, Principal

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  • Reward School 2017-18

    Wilson County Schools is pleased to announce that the Tennessee Department of Education has recognized seven schools in the district as “Reward Schools” for the 2017-2018 school year.  This is the highest honor given annually by the state.  

    Only 318 schools in Tennessee are being recognized as “Reward Schools”, a distinction that’s given to schools that not only experience high academic achievement, but also see substantial gains in student growth.  Below, you will find the list of “Reward Schools” in Wilson County:

    Elzie D. Patton Elementary School
    Stoner Creek Elementary School
    W.A. Wright Elementary School
    West Elementary School
    West Wilson Middle School
    Mt. Juliet High School
    Watertown High School

    Director of Schools, Dr. Donna Wright, says, “By any standard, the start of this school year has been exceptional.  Last month, we learned that the district has now achieved a Level 5 status for the academic growth of our students.  Nine of our schools- almost HALF- received the highest ranking possible.  Today, we’ve learned that seven of our schools have also achieved Reward School Status.  I can’t say enough about the hard work and dedication that’s been exerted by our students, teachers and administrators.”

    Tennessee’s accountability framework includes a variety of measures, including chronic absenteeism and discipline, ACT performance, and TNReady scores, to make a determination, and all schools are rated both on how they serve the full student population and how they are specifically serving student groups that have historically been underserved:  students with disabilities, English learners, economically disadvantaged students, and black, Hispanic, and Native American students.

    For a full list of “Reward  Schools” announced by the state, visit Tennessee Department of Education District and School Accountability.

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  • Parents/Guardians,

    As Principal of West Wilson Middle School, one of my primary goals is to ensure your student benefits from all of the energy put forth from the faculty, staff, and community. Consequently, I would like to approach the fundraising process in a different manner this school year.              

    Traditional fundraising campaigns can be burdensome not only to the school but also to parents. Additionally, by the time your student enters West Wilson it is likely you have been requisitioned to participate in 10 or more funding drives. I want to lessen the input from your end while maintaining the output for the students. Fundraising partnerships play a huge part in what we are able to do at the school level, however with these partnerships comes the fact that not all of your money makes it to the school level. If we are to sell items/catalogs/etc. the partner organization gets a percentage of the proceeds.

    For this reason, I am setting up an online account and asking you to donate directly to the school. I believe we can raise the same amount, if not more, by being transparent. The fact of the matter is we need you to donate and we want to put every dime toward your child’s education. Please use the link below to access the school donation page. It would be wonderful if you could share it with family members, business owners, and even on your social media accounts!

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