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Wilson County Schools Stands Up for Public Education

Stand Up for Education
Who Should Stand Up for Public Education?  

Motivated people from all walks of life should support public education. Whether you are a parent, a political leader, a small business owner, a local or state decision maker, or a member of your community who believes in the American dream, when you take a stand for America’s public schools you help every child achieve world-class standards and a brighter future.

What Does it Mean to Stand Up for Public Schools?

Standing Up for Public Schools is about recognizing the importance of public education and the value it has on students’ lives. Support for a strong system of public education is crucial. It is the backbone of our democracy and has made our nation a leader in the world.

Tennessee’s Constitution states:  “The General Assembly shall provide for the maintenance, support and eligibility standards of a system of free public schools.”  

This means:

  • A tuition-free education for all students.
  • The promise of equal educational opportunities no matter race, religion or ability.
  • A commitment to high standards and high expectations for all students.
  • A system of governance that ensures public accountability.
  • A benefit to society by teaching democratic principles and common values.

Why Do We Need to Support Local Public Schools?

Our local public schools need your support more than ever to protect our students from those who wish to privatize education through school vouchers.

A school voucher is a publicly funded credit or certificate that allows a student to enroll in a private school and apply the credit to tuition. Education savings accounts (ESA), which are similar to voucher programs, can be used to provide financial support to parents that want to send their children to private school or buy education related products and services. Many claim these programs will result in savings for states and taxpayers because students will be attending a private school instead of a public school. In practice, this does not play out, because school vouchers require states to fund both public and private school systems.

Enlisting the support of community members from across this great state ensures that the future of public education remains in the hands of the community which it serves.  Local school boards keep the public in charge of public schools. In any given county, city or special school district, the local board of education is the “voice of the people.” To keep that voice strong we must continue to Stand Up for TN Public Schools.