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Stoner Creek Zone Exemptions 2021-2022


Wilson County Schools will allow Zone Exemptions for current Stoner Creek Elementary School students and 2021-2022 Stoner Creek Elementary Kindergarten students has now been extended until May 12, 2021.  We have available space at the following schools and the number of students allowed per grade level:

  • Elzie D. Patton Elementary School – Kindergarten (10 max.)
  • Lakeview Elementary School –1st grade (10 max.) and 3rd grade (5 max.)
  • Mt. Juliet Elementary School – Kindergarten (10 max.) and 2nd grade (5 max.)
  • W. A. Wright Elementary School – 4th grade (10 max.) and 5th grade (10 max.)

Please know that transfers will be allowed as long as we do not reduce staff at Stoner Creek Elementary or create the need to add additional staff at the schools listed above.  If Zone Exemption requests exceed the space available, we will fill the spots available by using a lottery system. 

Notification of approved or denied Zone Exemptions will be via email on or before May 14, 2021.  Please complete the Stoner Creek Zone Exemption Form and submit the to Mr. Stanley Moss by electronic mail (, Fax (615-444-2820), or mail:

Wilson County Board of Education
c/o Mr. Stanley Moss
415 Harding Drive
Lebanon, Tennessee 37087

If you have any questions please email Mr. Moss at or call 615-453-7281.

For more information about Stoner Creek's preparations for 2021-2022, visit Bobcat Village.


If a Zone Exemption is approved, can my student remain at the new school through the fifth grade? 

Yes if you meet the following conditions:

  • You reside within the Wilson County School District
  • Your student has not changed schools (ex. Elementary to Middle School)
  • You were not conditionally approved.

Can I go back to Stoner Creek in the middle of the year if we are not happy with the new school?

Per Wilson County School policy 6.206, you cannot change during the school year.  However, if you would like to return to Stoner Creek you can make the move over the summer.  This policy helps the school system determine the number of teachers assigned to each school and grade level. 

Where can I find the Stoner Creek Zone Exemption Application?

Applications are available via the Stoner Creek Zone Exemption Form. You can also reach out to Mr. Moss at or contact the Stoner Creek registratar, Mrs. Spry, at 615-754-6300 or via email at sprya@wcschools.comApplications will not be provided after May 12, 2021, as that is the deadline to submit the Stoner Creek Zone Exemption.

Will I have to provide transportation if granted a Zone Exemption?

At the bottom of the Zone Exemption application, you must check that you agree to provide transportation.  If you leave this blank, the application is denied.

Once my students receives a Zone Exemption, can it be revoked?

Zone Exemptions are subject to review at any time by the Director of Schools and/or the school administrator(s), and are subject to revocation upon the recommendation of the principal(s) of the school.

What is the appeals process for a denied Zone Exemption? 

WCS School Board Policy 6.206:

Appeals from the Denial of a Zone Exemption

a)  This Section shall apply to all zone exemption requestors, whether a Wilson County Schools employee or not.

b)  Within ten (10) days from the date of the denial of the zoned exemption request by the Director of Schools or his or her designee, the parent or guardian may apply to the Board for an appeal of the denial. 

i.  The application for appeal must be in writing, must state specific reasons why the applicant contends that the student should not attend his or her school of zone, and must state why the student should be granted a zone exemption for the requested school.

ii.  Appeal applications submitted outside the ten (10) day time frame will not be considered, and the decision of the Director of Schools or his or her designee shall remain final.

iii.  Appeal applications may be mailed to the following mailing address

Wilson County Schools
c/o Board Secretary
415 Harding Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087

 iv.  Appeal applications may also be faxed to the attention of the Board Secretary at (615) 453-7338.

c)  The Board shall set a date for the appeal to be heard, which shall be held within a reasonable time after receipt of the appeal application.  Efforts should be made for the hearing to occur at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting or within forty-five (45) days of the date of the appeal application, whichever comes first.  Hearings scheduled outside of this time frame will be allowed in limited circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

i.  The Board Secretary school provide written notice of the date and place of the hearing to the parent or legal guardian by mailing a notice of hearing via certified mail, return receipt requested, and his or her last known address at least ten (10) days before the dated of the hearing.  The applicant is entitled to appeal on his or her own behalf or be represented by counsel at the hearing.  Applicants who intend to bring counsel must inform the Board Secretary at least forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled hearing.

ii.  The procedures governing the appeal shall comply with Tennessee Code Annotated section 49-6-3204.

iii.  The Board shall designate one (1) or more competent examiners to conduct these hearings, to take testimony, and to make a report of the hearings to the Board for its determination. Tenn. Code Ann. 49-6-3204.

d)  Before the Board enters its final order in these appeals, all Board members shall review the record and the Board shall make a decision based upon the record.

e)  After completion of the hearing, the Board shall enter a written order either granting or denying the zone exemption request.

i.  A copy of the Board’s order and its findings shall be mailed by the Board Secretary to all parties who appeared at the hearing by certified mail, return receipt requested, to their last known mailing address within five (5) days of the date of the order.

f)  The decision of the Board shall be the final decision of the District.

g)  While an appeal is pending, the student shall remain at his or her school of zone.

Can a principal revoke a Zone Exemption?

The building principal may revoke a transfer at any time that a student’s attendance, conduct, or academic performance that is considered unacceptable.