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New Out-of-State Professional-Level Licensure Guidance

Applications for initial educator licensure, submitted on or after July 1, 2021, will be evaluated under the new licensure requirements (in accordance with the passage of Section 1 of Chapter 125 of the Public Acts of 2021, which amends TCA 49-5-108(c)). 

Educators holding a professional-level license in a state other than Tennessee will receive a Tennessee Professional 6-Year license (professional teacher license, professional occupational teacher license, or professional school services personnel license), provided the professional license from another state is equivalent to Tennessee’s Professional license. The Professional 6-Year license is a full, professional-level license.  

Educators applying prior to July 1 will be informed of the option to either apply now, under current licensure requirements or apply after July 1, to be considered under the new requirements. Additional information is available here