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Special Campus Safety Announcement

We want to reassure our families that safety is the top priority for all our campuses within our district. This week, there has been a lot of attention – and some false comments - directed towards Green Hill High School following a trespassing incident that happened nearly two weeks ago. We understand that any type of trespassing incident among our schools can create added concerns. Please know that we take these matters very seriously.

Our safety goals are always to be the absolute best we can be, every school day. However, we know that goal can only be reached when we learn from experiences of the past. In the case of GHHS, we continue to take a very close look at the facts surrounding that incident to see where we can improve in overall school safety.

While we’ve talked so much about tornado recovery, teaching and learning plans and the ongoing pandemic this year, it’s time to talk more about school safety so that it can help keep you better informed of the extreme importance we place in that area.

Coming up at our December 7th Work Session/Board of Education Meeting, we will be discussing much more about school safety. We hope you’re able to watch on our Watch Board Meetings page. If not, it will always be there in our archive section for your convenience.