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WCS Class of 2020 Score Results

Class of 2020 ACT information has been released from the Tennessee Department of Education, and Wilson County Schools performed exceptionally well.

Our Seniors for the 2019-2020 school year raised ACT scores by 0.6 percentage points compared to last year. In 2019, the ACT data for our district showed a 20.9 Average Composite across the district. This year, that number has increased to an overall average composite score of 21.5.

When it comes to a statewide comparison, Wilson County Schools ranks 12th out of 127 public school districts with the highest average composite among the Class of 2020. That ranking is up four spots compared to last year when we were 16th.

While the current state average composite score is 19.9 (down 0.1 since last year), Wilson County Schools well exceeded that average. Additionally, our district was fortunate to see the most impressive gains among the top ten enrollment districts across the state.

Over a six year span that dates back to 2014, our Seniors have experienced a continuous uptick in these scores. During that time, the overall gains for Wilson County Schools has risen nearly two full percentage points (19.7 in 2014,  21.5 in 2020).

Here’s some other very notable stats from the Class of 2020 in our district:

  • 98% participated in the ACT prior to graduation (1,541 Students).
  • 53.8% scored 21 or above on the ACT and became eligible for the Hope Scholarship.
  • Students scoring a 21 or better is up nearly 6% since 2016.