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Travis Mayfield Named Deputy Director of Operations

Wilson County Schools is excited to announce that Travis Mayfield has been named as the new Deputy Director of Operations for the district.

Mr. Mayfield is no stranger to the district. He’s served as principal at Wilson Central High School since 2015. Under his leadership, the school has achieved numerous state and national awards/honors.

His new role as Director of Operations is one that he’s eager to start.

“I was happy being the principal at Wilson Central,” says Mr. Mayfield. “But this position will be an opportunity to make a difference across the school system in an area that really interests me. Having been a principal for a number of years I feel I can contribute to district decision making knowing how students, teachers and administrators will view a particular change or building project.”

With the district experiencing substantial annual enrollment growth, effective project planning and operations management among our current schools - and schools to be built in the future - is essential for long-term success.

“We are very excited that Mr. Mayfield is taking on this position,” said Wilson County Schools Director, Jeff Luttrell. “What he brings to this district is valuable in so many ways. We’re fortunate to take his skills that have brought so much success in his career, and place them into this important position. Through previous conversations with him, the ideas and strategies he has for this position will benefit everyone greatly.”

Duties for his new role have already taken shape.

“My first assignment is to visit every campus, assess the needs of a particular building with the help of the school principal,” says Mr. Mayfield. “My focus has always been on students, and even in this new role, I will continue to think about how students are impacted when it comes to district-level decisions.”

The search for a new principal at Wilson Central is underway, and will be announced promptly when that person is officially named.

More personnel announcements are expected this week!