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New Administrative Teams Announced for the 2020-2021 School Year

Lakeview Elementary
Dr. Tiffany Brown, Principal (former AP at LKE)
Angela Kincaid, Asst. Principal (former AP at WAW)

W.A. Wright Elementary
Wilma Hawkins, Principal (former principal at EPE)
Stephen Wright, Asst. Principal (former AP at EPE)

Southside School
Dr. Carmen Bouldin, Principal (former AP at Southside)
Chip Bevis, Asst. Principal (former AP at WCHS)

Elzie D. Patton Elementary
Angela Pulley, Principal (former AP at WES)
LaConda McKinney, Asst. Principal (former AP at WCHS)

Gladeville Elementary
Monica Fox, Principal
Amy Dunlap, Asst. Principal (former AP at LHS)

Watertown Elementary
Dr. Donna Shaeffer, Principal
Kristie Buehler, Asst. Principal (replacing Angela Pulley who has been named EPE principal)

Watertown Middle
Kayla Price, Principal
Shannon Carney, Asst. Principal

West Wilson Middle
Beverly Sharpe, Principal
Ranesa Shipman, Asst. Principal (Replacing Courtney Quisberg who has been named AP at GHHS)

Wilson Central High School - Please note that AP's are TBA.
Travis Mayfield, Principal
**TBA** Asst. Principal replacing Chip Bevis who has been named an AP at Southside
**TBA** Asst. Principal replacing Ranesa Shipman who has been named an AP WWMS