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Wilson County Schools Rezoning for the 2022-2023 School Year

At the May 2, 2022 School Board meeting the Board decided to rezone a portion of the Gladeville Elementary School zone to Rutland Elementary School.  Students from Gladeville that reside in the following areas will now attend Rutland Elementary School. 

  • Beckwith Road from Interstate 40 to Central Pike
  • Beckwith Crossing Subdivision:
    • Stephen Way
    • Oliver Drive
    • Elliott Drive
    • Syler Drive
  • Berkshire Ridge Subdivision:
    • Berkshire Boulevard
    • James Way
    • Scottland Trace
    • Gaines Park
  • Waltons Grove Subdivision:
    • Kilkenny Way
    • Butler Road
    • Collier Road
    • Castle Road
    • Dean Drive
    • McCalmont Way
    • Vicar Lane
    • Friary Court
    • Dermot Drive

The Board did make an exception for rising fifth graders and their siblings by allowing them to apply for a zone exemption to remain at Gladeville Elementary.  To download a copy of the form, visit Zone Exemption Request Form for Gladeville Rising 5th Grade and SiblingsPlease note that all zone exemptions must be submitted prior to May 13, 2022.  Requests submitted after this time will not be accepted.

If you have questions about the rezoning, please reach out to Mr. Stanley Moss at or call 615-453-7281.