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Scheduled Asynchronous Days: March 5 & March 26

We’re very pleased to announce that vaccination dates for our employees have been announced, however; there are a few changes to previously announced Asynchronous Days due to these vaccination dates. These dates are important for all teachers, staffs, students and families to know.

Asynchronous/Vaccination Day 1 is Friday, March 5th (formerly Monday, March 1st). On 3/5, students will not report to school.

Asynchronous/Vaccination Day 2 is Friday, March 26th (formerly Monday, April 5th). On 3/26, students will not report to school.

The Monday, May 3rd Asynchronous Day remains the same. On 5/3, students will not report to school.

VLP students will participate in asynchronous activities on the above dates as well: 3/5, 3/26 and 5/3.

More details on the vaccination process will be coming very soon for our employees. For now, these dates are for everyone’s planning purposes.