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Asynchronous Learning Days & Updated Grading Periods

Asynchronous Learning Days

Upcoming Asynchronous Days:

  • Friday, March 5
  • Friday, March 26
  • Monday, May 3

The two March dates will coincide with staff vaccination days that are planned for our district.

Students will not report to their respective schools on these days, but they are considered instructional learning days for students. Expectations are set forth by your child’s teacher(s) for these ALD’s. Should you or your child have any questions about classwork or expectations set for these days, then please feel free to reach out to them with any questions.

These ALD’s include VLP students as well.

This portion is for 9th and 12th grade students and families only:

High school freshmen and senior students will have an ALD on Tuesday, March 16th to accommodate the ACT statewide testing date. Teachers of those students will be in communication about expectations for that date.

Updated Grading Periods

School closure due to inclement weather, combined with the layout of our 2020-2021 district calendar, will push back our current 3rd nine weeks grading period. Grades during this period will end on March, 19th (previously March, 5th). This reporting period will reflect ten weeks. Report cards for this period will be available on April 1st.

To view the updated grading periods for the remainder of the school year, visit Grading Periods 2020-2021.