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ESL teacher at Elzie Patton Elementary is being recognized by the Lebanon Wilson Chamber as “Educator of the Month”

While Curtis Cathcart has only worked at Elzie D. Patton Elementary School for two years, teachers and administrators throughout the building look up to him as a leader.  Cathcart maximizes a personal motto he calls “teaching to the bell”.  It isn’t uncommon to see him roaming the hallways to give students the gentle nudge needed for them to get back to class with a smile on their face. 

School principal, Wilma Hawkins, says, “Mr. Cathcart has a great rapport with parents and students, as well as his peers.  Just this morning, there was a language barrier that was preventing one of our ELA parents from understanding that her child needed to wear a certain shirt for a field trip today.  To make sure that the child was wearing the proper attire, he called them personally to share the information in their native language, drove all the way to the student’s house, and came back with the shirt needed.”   

Not only is this teacher making a difference at this school, but he’s taken on a leadership role by serving as a mentor to ESL teachers throughout the district who are still new.  This person takes great pride in everything he does, which is why Curtis Cathcart is being recognized as “Educator of the Month” for November!

Curtis Cathart