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Congratulations to Kristie Buhler, at Carroll-Oakland, on being named "Educator of the Month" by the Lebanon-Wilson Chamber of Commerce!

Kristie is a phenomenal teacher, who encourages students to reach their greatest potential.  She is never satisfied until they’ve fully understood and mastered the material that’s being taught.  In addition to her ability to connect with students, Kristie also serves on the Leadership Committee for Carroll-Oakland.  This year, she spearheaded the school’s first “Boo Bash Fun Run”.  It was quickly determined that this would be an annual event, as they were able to raise more money for the student body than all of the school’s other fundraisers combined!  It’s worth nothing that Kristie managed to pull that off without giving her students less than the best of herself in the classroom. 

In addition to coordinating the highly successful fundraiser, she also played host that day by getting lunch provided for the entire staff and many of the guests who stopped by.  Kristie wants nothing but the best for our school, and spends a good portion of her life doing the work necessary to make that a reality.  She does not know the meaning of second place or half-hearted, which is what makes Kristie Buhler so deserving of being named “Educator of the Month”.