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ACT Composite Score Continues to Climb in Wilson Co.


ACT Composite Scores


Wilson County students continuing to move the needle when it comes to ACT scores.  Today, the Tennessee Department of Education released statewide data, which reveals that the Class of 2018 earned an average composite score of 20.2 on the ACT.  In Wilson County, the results are even higher!  Students who graduated in 2018 came in at 21.2, a full point higher than the statewide average.

This is a trend that’s been happening since 2014, when only 43% of all Wilson Co. graduates scored a 21, or higher, on the ACT.  For 2018, more than half the students who graduated (51.2%) scored a 21 or higher, making them eligible for both the HOPE scholarship and TNPromise.  Out of the 129 school districts for which this data was recorded, Wilson County students are ranked in the top 15 for achievement.

Director of Schools, Dr. Donna Wright is pleased with the results, along with the intense work done throughout the year to produce them, “This has been a priority for me since the day I arrived.  Had you told me students were going to make this kind of progress in just three short years, I’m not sure I would have believed it.  The original goal was to reach a composite score of 21 by the year 2020, which we hit three years early.  Now our goal is to reach the point where 60% of our students scoring a 21 by then.”

ACT Composite Scores

Breakdown of ACT composite scores and participation rates for each school district in middle Tennessee:                          

Williamson - 25.4                                           

Sumner - 21.4                                                       

Wilson - 21.2                                                      

Rutherford - 21                                                          

Clarksville-Montgomery - 20.4                                                       

Robertson - 19.9                                                       

Cheatham - 19.6                                                       

Metro Nashville - 18.9