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How can I find out more about the district’s Pre-K program?

The goal of our Pre-K program is to provide 4-year old children with the learning experiences they'll need to help them be successful in Kindergarten.  The Pre-K Program prepares children for school by providing an opportunity for them to develop school readiness skills in an environment that fosters the love and joy of learning.  Currently, we have 10 Pre-K classrooms, located inside 7 schools, allowing us to serve approximately 200 students each year.  Those classrooms are located at the following schools:

  • Carroll-Oakland School
  • Elzie Patton Elementary School
  • Gladeville Elementary School
  • Rutland Elementary School
  • Southside Elementary School
  • Stoner Creek Elementary School
  • W.A. Wright Elementary School
  • Watertown Elementary School

In order to qualify, your child must turn 4 on or before August 15th.  Because this program is funded through a state grant, priority status is given to students in low-income families during enrollment.  If you would like more information about how children are accepted into the program, along with the documents and forms that need to be filled out and submitted, visit Pre-K Enrollment & Registration.

Online enrollment is not offered for our Pre-K program, however if you want to download and complete the forms at home, they can be dropped off at the school, during their summer hours, OR you can fax/email the forms to Cynthia Johnson at, or 615.444.7136.  If you decide to FAX the forms, please send Cynthia an email, so she will be expecting them.  Final classrooms will not be set or announced until the end of July.