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Wilson County Schools Names 2018-2019 Reward Schools

Wilson County Schools is extremely proud to announce that 12 of our schools have been named as Reward Schools by the state for the 2018-2019 school year.

Those schools include:

  • Lakeview Elementary
  • Mt. Juliet Elementary
  • Mt. Juliet High School
  • Mt. Juliet Middle School
  • Rutland Elementary
  • Springdale Elementary
  • W.A. Wright Elementary
  • Watertown Elementary
  • Watertown High School
  • West Elementary
  • West Wilson Middle School
  • Wilson Central High School

This is a significant increase from last year’s Reward Schools in Wilson County when 7 schools achieved that status.

Reward status is the top distinction a school can earn in Tennessee. Reward Schools are those that are improving overall student academic achievement and student growth for all students and for student groups, and they are identified annually. All schools are given the opportunity to achieve Reward School status and there is no cap on the number of potential Reward Schools.

In 2018, 318 schools in 85 school districts – about 20 percent of schools in the state – earned Reward Status.

The tabulations to receive Reward Status have multiple factors figured in. Even though Reward Schools have been designated since 2012, this is just the second year in which new accountability measures have been put into play to get a higher quality result should a school receive Reward status. The newer accountability framework is based on principles that all schools can be successful and all Tennessee students must be served well. It includes a variety of measures including chronic absenteeism and discipline, ACT performance, and TN Ready scores to make the determination.

As entire school district, Wilson County Schools was designated as an Exemplary District – the highest honor given in meeting specific criteria.

“Our vision for WCS is Excellence in ALL WE DO and this is exemplified everyday in our district, from the bus driver, to the food service provider, the front office staff, and most importantly—the classroom.” Wilson County Director of Schools Dr. Donna Wright said. “Well over half of our schools have been identified and recognized by the TDOE as Reward Schools, which is exceptional by any standard—but we are also an Exemplary District—an extraordinary feat for any district, specifically for a district our size that includes high schools.  This is very much a collective effort—all schools contributed to this coveted designation!  I am so proud of all of our district employees and their collective contribution in Wilson County Schools being recognized as an Exemplary District.”