Welcome Letter from Principal

Welcome Letter to parents of students transitioning from MJMS to WWMS:



I want to take an opportunity to welcome you and get some preliminary information out to you
about West Wilson Middle School. I am sure this is an uneasy time as change can bring about
uncertainties, but change can also be exciting and I hope this is one of those instances.
I am currently in my first year as Principal at West Wilson Middle School. As the school principal, it
is my desire to bridge the gap between the elementary and high school years in a manner that
enhances both your child’s education and motivation. Middle School can be quite challenging for
both parents and students. With your support, we can leverage your student’s strengths, passions, and
energy to make their time in middle school the catalyst that drives them to successfully achieve
their dreams.

The phrase “Assume Positive Intentions” has been our Moto for this school year. With new
leadership can come new expectations and policies, and I want parents and students to know that
my sole focus is to enhance the educational experience of our students. I know that as a parent you
seek nothing but the very best for your child, and we as educators want nothing more than to aid
you in developing not only their intelligence but also their integrity. We are in this together, as a
team, and we will be a great team.

The faculty and staff at West Wilson have worked hard to build a top-notch academic program.
West Wilson Middle School is a TN Department of Education “Reward School” for academic
achievement and growth. Our exploratory offerings include Drama, Computer, Journalism, P.E.,
Strength & Conditioning, Agriscience, Health Science, STEM, Spanish, Theatre, Band, Art, & Choir.
We have Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, Wrestling, Baseball, Cross-country, Track,
Softball, Bowling, and Tennis programs, along with numerous clubs for students to get involved in
school activities.

I would like the opportunity to speak with you more about my vision for West Wilson, and in
particular how we can work together to continue to make West Wilson outstanding. As the new year
unfolds we will be scheduling meetings with parents and students to welcome you to West Wilson
Middle School. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Kevin Dawson, Principal