Going back to Traditional Learning, What do I need to know?

Traditional Learning

Health & Safety Protocols

Even though the traditional model will make social distancing impossible, we will continue to be vigilant about enforcing all other health and safety protocols, including universal mask wearing while on school buses and in school buildings, sanitizing desks and surfaces between classes, daily temperature and symptom checks, notification and quarantine of close contacts, and strict classroom and lunchroom seating charts. 


Keep Sick Students Home!

Now more than ever it is essential that students exhibiting symptoms such as fever, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, congestion, body aches, nausea, and fatigue are kept home. If a member of your household tests positive for Covid-19, please call the school immediately. Please make sure to turn in documentation of all illness and submit parent notes for any additional absences within three days of the absence. 


Morning Traffic & Arrival

Our arrival process will be similar to what we have done all year. However, we will be making one minor morning change due to the increased volume of car traffic on campus. Starting at 8:15, staff members will be directing a gradual release of the “first sweep” of car riders in the back parking lot, and students in these cars will be directed to enter through the north set of doors closest to our auditorium. We will repeat this procedure until buses are done releasing all students; then we will roll cars up through the normal car line. Please follow the directions of staff members on morning traffic duty.


Afternoon Traffic & Dismissal

Our afternoon dismissal process will be changing a bit in order to get students out of the building as quickly as possible. We will be starting by dismissing all bus riders at 3:40, followed by car riders a few minutes later. Car riders will continue to exit out the north doors by the auditorium and make their way through the back parking lot to waiting cars. If needed, we will do more than one sweep of cars while we wait for buses to fully load. We will adjust this process if needed in order to increase efficiency.


Class Changes, Lockers, & Bathrooms

With double the number of students on campus, we will be relaxing our hybrid protocol of regulating bathroom usage between class changes. Students will be able to change classes and use the restroom freely as they did last year. However, bathroom monitors will be posted in the hallways outside bathrooms to make sure we do not have too many students in the restroom at the same time. Additionally, teachers will be in the hallways to ensure that students keep moving through the hallways and do not cluster up in groups. We will not be assigning lockers to students due to the increase in traffic and the challenges this would cause if we had to move to Remote Learning at any time.


Masks & Classroom Seating

Students will be required to wear a properly fitting mask or face covering at all times, except when eating or in an outdoor setting where social distancing can be maintained. Since students will now be sitting in close quarters in classrooms, it is now more important than ever that their entire nose and mouth are covered by a face mask/shield. 


Lunch & FOCUS Changes

Due to the hybrid schedule, we are adding an additional lunch time slot for 7th grade. Some students will have an adjusted lunch time starting on Tuesday. Teachers will communicate that to students tomorrow. Additionally, we will be making some adjustments to FOCUS class rosters based on student learning needs. If a student is moved to a different FOCUS teacher, he or she will be moved to a teacher on that student’s team. 


Extracurricular & Athletic Events

Pursuant to Governor Lee’s most recent guidance, Wilson County Schools will remain at 50% capacity for all sporting events. We will continue to require masks and temp checks at all athletic contests. Students will be permitted to participate in both virtual and in-person club and extracurricular events. Field Trips will still be prohibited.


Visitors & Parent Meetings

All IEP & 504 Meetings will continue to be virtual, and we will not allow parents or other unnecessary visitors to enter the school building beyond the main office. The main office vestibule will continue to be used for drop off and pick up of items.


Academic & Social-Emotional Impact of Traditional

We know how much many of our students have struggled with the social-emotional and academic impacts of the hybrid schedule, and mitigating these effects is the main reason 6-8 students will return to the traditional schedule next week. Our students will get a huge increase in teacher support and be able to see both A Day and B Day friends at school. Please prepare your students for the shift and make sure they get on a solid sleep schedule. We expect them to be very tired their first few weeks back!